Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Cliff DeMarks: Outstanding Music (2010)

Atlanta-based musician Cliff deMarks composes and produces music in a variety of styles and genres. He plays the piano, bass and drums, and is also an excellent reed man. Cliff plays lush Classic and Smooth Jazz, New Age Ambient, Electronic, Dance Music, and Neoclassical piano solos. He has produced over 45 CDs, with four more on the way. Cliff is always shepherding new music ideas from a concept in his head to a fully realized piece of music. His rich and inventive melodies and his bass and drum lines are a powerful armature for Cliff's well-crafted music projects.
01. City Love
02. Rejoice (D. Benoit)
03. Bi-Coastal
04. East Bumper (480 East)
05. Encounter On The Dance Floor
06. Moring Dream
07. Spice House
08. Vegas 5
09. One Layer
10. Burn It Blue
11. In Good Company
12. Love You More
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Paul Brown: Love You Found Me (2010)

Paul's newest album is entitled Love You Found Me and is scheduled for release September 28th on Shanachie Entertainment. Paul invited a lot of great musicians to his new project like Jeff Carruthers, Dax Reynosa, Boney James, DeYon Dobson, Michael Ripoll and more. For further details about the musicians scroll down to the really big list.
The album starts with the bluesy Sugarfish. A relaxed finger snapping melody with a hooking aura Paul has co-written with Jeff Carruthers. Jeff already worked with Paul on his albums Up Front and White Sand.
Toast And Jam features famous sax player Jessy J and Dax Reynosa in a clapping club style. Paul Brown already recorded with Dax on Euge Groove's album Sunday Morning. Paul paints the melody in mellow accurate chords on guitar.
On Strollin' Paul takes a night walk on the George Benson avenue accompanied by companion Richard Elliot on sax. Euge Groove, who co-wrote this tune with Paul, plays keys, drums and bass. A remarkable detail.
The title song Love You Found Me showcases Paul in a spectacular role as singer. He did a great job on this ballade. Often stands the instrumental part of an album In The Shadows. Not on Paul's new album. He displays the hooking melody with steady tones.
It was really easy for Paul Brown to wrote Let Me Love You. He is married with the wonderful beauty Jacqui Brown, who was responsible for the vocal production on Love You Found Me and The One You Lean On. The last-named song shows Paul in a earthy and bluesy attitude. Peter White once commented: "When Paul and I work together, we resist the temptation to be too clever; we try to make music that moves you in your gut." This is exactly Paul's motif on this album.
On Right Back At Ya Paul seamlessly performs his electric guitar with Marc Antoine's acoustic guitar, which gives this song a special attraction, we already loved on ForeignXchange. Honestly, Paul is a real charmer and when he performs Midnight Kiss, women will melt.
Is Paul Brown the next Bob Dylan? On End Of The Day he strongly performs in that style. The final tune Shine Shoes features singer genius Al Jarreau. He hopes to start recording later this year and release by the summer of 2011. According to Billboard Al will use this song for his new album.
Love You Found Me uncovers a new facet of great guitarist and singer Paul Brown. His music is not political, social or philosophical, but he is an extraordinary composer. With that talent he shows a new entertaining direction, smooth jazz can go today's.
Paul Brown - guitars, drums, percussion and vocals;
Jeff Carruthers - keys, bass, drums, rhythm guitar, arrangement;
Greg Adams - flugel horn;
Jessy J - flute, tenor sax;
Marco Basci - keys, drums, arrangement;
Richard Elliot - sax;
Euge Groove - keys, drums, bass, sax, arrangement;
Roberto Vally - bass;
Michael Ripoll - rhythm guitar, bass, arrangement;
Brandon Coleman -keys;
Philippe Saisse - keys;
Cedric Anderson - drums;
Dax Reynosa - vocals;
Nick Tashjian - bass, drums;
Marc Antoine - nylon guitar, bass, keys;
Jerry Hey - horns;
Tommy Kay - rhythm guitar;
Al Jarreau - vocals, background vocals;
DW3 - background vocals;
Boney James - arrangement.
WebSite: PaulBrownJazz.com
01. Sugarfish [3:38]
02. Toast And Jam [4:33]
03. Strollin' [4:23]
04. Love You Found Me [4:01]
05. In The Shadows [3:57]
06. Let Me Love You [4:56]
07. The One You Lean On [3:26]
08. Right Back At Ya [3:43]
09. Midnight Kiss [4:00]
10. End Of The Day [3:11]
11. Shine Shoes [3:57]
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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Oregon: In Stride (2010)

What a milestone: 40 years! It seems like yesterday that "Our First Record" changed the course of events, arriving in a flash at this latest release "In Stride", with the same energy, the same desire to explore and keep in the game, consistently, and once again. «In Stride» envelopes the entire history of this band; it enhances the compositional talent of these four musicians, magnifies their voices as soloists and, above all, recalls in case you need reminding that strange and magical alchemy which transformed this quartet into Oregon.
01. Hop-To-It [6:00]
02. As She Sleeps [5:02]
03. Nacao [5:02]
04. Summer's End [5:05]
05. On the Rise [7:09]
06. Glacial Blue [1:10]
07. Aeolus [5:38]
08. Song for a Friend [4:33]
09. Petroglyph [5:45]
10. The Cat Piano [3:33]
11. In Stride [6:51]
Paul McCandless: oboe, English horn, soprano, flutes
Ralph Towner: classical guitar, twelve strings, synth guitar, piano
Glen Moore: double bass
Mark Walker: drums, hand percussion
In Stride
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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mario Biondi: If (2010)

2010 album from the Italian Jazz/Soul vocalist. If contains 15 brand new tracks including a song written specially for Mario by Burt Bacharach.
02.Something That Was Beautiful
03.Be Lonely
04.Love Dreamer
07.I Wanna Make It
08.No Mo' Trouble
10.I Know It's Over
11.Winter in America
12.Everlasting Harmony
13.Cry Anymore
14.Little B's Poem
15.Bom De Doer
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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Matt Bianco: Free Soul Drive (2009)

Matt Bianco is a UK band that was formed in 1983. They are mainly known for their success in the mid 1980s and their jazz, Latin-flavoured music.
Popular during the mid 1980s in continental Europe, Matt Bianco epitomised the new jazz pop genre, that they shared with acts such as Working Week, Sade, Everything but the Girl, and The Style Council. The name suggests that Matt Bianco is a personal name, often referred to the main constant member and frontman, Mark Reilly, but Matt is in fact "a made up spy, a secret agent; we loved spy TV themes and film scores.
01. Half A Minute
02. Our Love
03. What A Fool Believes
04. Venga
05. Love Life
06. All In A Day
07. I Surrender
08. Could You Be?
09. The World Is A Ghetto
10. Buddy's Groove
11. Good Times
12. Dancing In The Street
13. More Than I Can Bear
14. Yeh Yeh
15. Get Out Of Your Lazy Bed
16. Echoes
17. Whose Side Are You On?
18. Head Over Heels
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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Terumasa Hino: Transfusion (2000)

A fine trumpeter influenced by Freddie Hubbard and Miles Davis, Terumasa Hino has long been one of Japan's best jazz musicians. A professional since 1955, Hino has mostly become known to Americans since the 1970s due to his Enja recordings, although some of his albums were made available domestically by Catalyst, Inner City, and Blue Note. He moved to the U.S. in 1975, where he worked with Gil Evans, Jackie McLean, Dave Liebman, and Elvin Jones. Hino spent more of his time in Japan after the early '80s, and recorded in several different styles ranging from straight-ahead to fusion.
Tracklist01. Nostalgia
02. Booker's Waltz
03. I Remember Clifford
04. Angelsmiles
05. My Ideal
06. The Time & The Place
07. The Scene Is Clean
08. Someone To Watch Over Me
09. Up Jumped Spring
10. Candy
Terumasa Hino (tp)
Sir.Roland Hanna (p)
Ron Carter (b)
Jack DeJohnette (dr)
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Joseph Patrick Moore: To Africa With Love (2010)

For more than a decade Joseph Patrick Moore has been touring, recording, and establishing himself as an artist with a unique voice and a diversity of talents. His skills as bassist; composer; arranger; producer; author; educator and founding partner of Blue Canoe Digital illustrate why he is a highly sought after musician. Moore's music and creative vision echoe the spirits of Quincy Jones; Herbie Hancock and Miles Davis to name a few.
Featuring eleven original compositions and two cover songs by Horace Silver and The Meters, To Africa With Love is the eighth solo project released by Joseph Patrick Moore. On this collection of songs inspired by the enchantment of Africa and fused with Moore's own influences and American heritage, Moore is joined with a core trio of remarkable musicians from the Atlanta area including Tyrone Jackson (keys), Wayne Viar (drums/percussion), and Brian Carl (guitar). Additional guest artists consist of Charlie Wood, Seth Condrey, Chinua Hawk, and Abbes Bouzefrane. From composing to arranging, engineering, and final mixing, Moore was directly involved in every aspect of the recording process. Tracks include "Fire On The Bayou," "Bass Song," "To Africa With Love," "Adventures Of Tigger And Alice," "Ubuntu," "Eyerusalen," "Stained Glass Aura," "Bumpy Ride," "Acadia Tree," "What Could Have Been," "Resolution," "Senor Blues," and "Heart Beat".
To Africa With Love
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Tsuyoshi Yamamoto: Autumn in Siattle (2003)

This Tsuyoshi Yamamoto album is very relaxing and the music is more modern then his previous famous albums Misty and Midnight sugar. If you like Tsuyoshi's Jazz style this one is a must to have.
Top Japanese jazz pianist Tsuyoshi Yamamoto and his bass and drum players have created one of the finest smooth jazz albums in recent years. The title song, "Autumn In Seattle," is a new piece beautifully written by Tsuyoshi.
Personnel: Tsuyoshi Yamamoto (piano);
Toshio Osumi (drums).
1. The Way We Were
2. Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head
3. Autumn in Seattle
4. Misty
5. Love is a Many Splendora Thing
6. Theme From
7. No Problem
8. As Time Goes By
9. Sound of Music Medley
10. A Time For us
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Friday, November 19, 2010

James Taylor Quartet: The Oscillator (2010)

The highly prolific , and oft maligned, James Taylor Quartet are back to entertain us with their 19th studio album. It marks a overdue return to the band'sroots and is their best effort in years.
In the past the JTQ has attempted to crossover from the doggedly hardcore acid jazz scene to a more mainstream audience; augmenting their sound with horns, big name soul vocalists, lush strings and complicated production. It's never really worked; Taylor's formidable keyboard skills ending up buried in a barrage of instrumentation and over-egged arrangements.
Fortunately this release (on Taylor's own label) is a back to basics affair. The quartet really is just that this time, opting to pay homage to the jazz & funk originators that inspired them back in the day.
The collection kicks of with a high octane version of "Jesus Christ Superstar", the well known theme providing a suitable springboard for James' frantic Hammond keyboard attack. Gorgeous stuff.
Throughout the album Mr. Taylor wears his life long influences very much on his mohair sleeves. The classic organ players such as Charles Earland, Jimmy Smith and the UK's Brian Auger are evoked most authentically. The track "Man In The Moon" may well of been separated at birth from Auger's reworking of "Bumpin' On Sunset", while "The Exorcism" clearly plays homage to Smith's "Roots Down."
This albumtakes an admirably dogmatic stance, the group making music for themselves and their legions of loyal fans. It makes no attempt to break new ground and is much the better for it. --Jack Smith
1. James Taylor Quartet - Jesus Christ Superstar (05:34)
2. James Taylor Quartet - Evil Thoughts (03:16)
3. James Taylor Quartet - Man From The Moon (04:55)
4. James Taylor Quartet - Bossaoscillator (10:25)
5. James Taylor Quartet - The Obsession (04:45)
6. James Taylor Quartet - The Exorcism (07:49)
7. James Taylor Quartet - Jim's Semolina (03:50)
8. James Taylor Quartet - Big Foot (03:43)
9. James Taylor Quartet - Elle (05:51)
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rüdiger Baldauf: Own Style (2010)

Rüdiger Baldauf (born 31 January 1961 in Bensberg, North Rhine-Westphalia) is a German jazz musician, trumpet player, composer and arranger.
During the late 1980s and the 1990s Baldauf contributed to some 100 studio albums. He was member of the RTL Allstars which was the band of the first German Comedy tv show called RTL Samstag Nacht. Since 2003 Baldauf has been playing trumpet in Stefan Raab's Tonight Show TV total in the band heavytones.
In June 2010 Baldauf launched his first solo album with the title Own Style. Prominent guests accompanied him, like Till Brönner, Nils Landgren, Ack van Rooyen, Andy Haderer and Max Mutzke.Tracklist
01. Messin' with the Kids (5:04)
02. No Competition (4:32)
03. Own Style (3:48)
04. Nature Boy (5:19)
05. Fahrenheit (5:34)
06. Always & Forever (5:18)
07. Factor Funk (5:28)
08. Funky No. 5 (6:03)
09. Let Me Tell Ya (5:06)
10. Endless Love (6:59)
11. My Song (4:51)
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Dave Hill: New World (2010)

Dave Hill's "NEW WORLD" is an ambitious follow up to has last CD, "Two Seasons". It is also a symbolic release as the title and mood signifies an important milestone in his life: The birth of his first child. And although this may seem an ordinary thing for most people, not thinking he was ever going to be a parent at this stage of life, it was the catalyst that set the wheels in motion. That blessed event created the inspiration Dave took a step forward in this release and made a commitment to putting his guitar in the forefront by aligning himself with formidable company to do it. Enlisting some of the most prolific and distinctive musicians from the last 25 years; "The Yellowjackets" Russell Ferrante Jimmy Haslip and Will Kennedy (alumni) join Dave to create the perfect complement to his melodic and soulful blend of Contemporary Jazz. Jimmy Haslip, highly regarded as producer in his own right, takes the reins on 5 tunes and Dave produces 5 by himself. The end result is a very satisfying, cohesive work that blends his skillful guitar work with the distinctive and undeniable sound of the Yellowjackets. The magic extends throughout the CD with Dave's solid band digging in on the remaining 5 tracks and the 10th track closes the CD with a touching solo guitar ballad.
You'll want to take the time to put this CD in your house and in your car. It will find you grooving a little harder as you head down the cement jungle towards work and perhaps humming along with the melodies as you come home after a long day. Dave's music and guitar work may even give you a little something to lift your spirits and feel optimistic about in this "New World".
Tracklist01. Waiting for you
02. Kneedeep
03. New World
04. Sunrise
05. Rush Hour
06. Do You Know
07. Soul Twister
08. Oak Harbor
09. Prove it
10. All the Times
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Erik Paliani: Chitukutuku (2010)

For over a decade ERIK PALIANI has quietly made a name for himself as a revered and accomplished producer, songwriter and guitarist working in South Africa. He grew up in Malawi but has also lived in Zimbabwe, Botswana and South Africa. Paliani produced South African songstress Zamajobe's two albums Ndawo Yami (2004) and Ndoni Yamanzi (2008). Hugh Masekela chose him to produce his most recent studio album Phola after hearing his work with Zamajobe as well as with traditional Xhosa artist Mavo Solomon on his album iSiGiDiMi.
Paliani is currently a part of Hugh Masekela's touring band and his international exposure was further bolstered by the production work he did for Lee Ritenour's critically acclaimed Smoke ‘n Mirrors album. Paliani is known for his versatility in the recording studio and his experience in collaborative work, a result of having experienced music in several different countries but also because of his involvement in a band called Acacias in his home city of Blantyre in the mid 1990s.
He has recently released his debut album Chitukutuku which is his expression of the kaleidoscope of worlds that can be found on the African continent. He is also working to create a live band to support his solo debut.
Tracklist01. Chitukutuku
02. Dr. Nico
03. Kwacha, Kwayera
04. Ndege
05. Ma Born-Free
06. Blantyre Boma
07. Tingo-Tiya
08. Toto Ife
09. Kumalewule
10. Ndagwa, N'ipepesa
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Monday, November 15, 2010

J. Henry: The Long Time Coming (2010)

Journell Henry aka J. Henry, hails from the Jazz Capital of the world, New Orleans. This Crescent City native has been dazzling audiences across the U.S. for the last 20 years. Known by his gift for music since he was 9, J. studied under the mentorship of New Orleans Jazz Great Pierre Poree and Brian Graber, formerly of the Glenn Miller Orchestra. Katrina brought Journell to Atlanta, where he continued to expand and almost 2 years of writing and production, the appropriately entitled debut album, “Long Time Coming” is available.
Taking an opportunity to expand beyond simply being an artist, Journell and his equally talented twin brother Cardell created J. Henry Enterprises under which their band J. Henry & Company was formed in February 2009, which consists of 5 musicians and 3 vocalists. Of which, Cardell aka “Creole King” is a vocalist and Daron Steward (cousin of Rock Legend Sly Stone) is the producer and music director.
His live performances are mesmorizing and the energy and emotion that he puts into every performance draws the audience into an incredible love story and to a return of the original live music experience. Currently Journell resides in Atlanta and is working towards positioning his brand of smooth jazz through his own independent record label, Underground Sounds Entertainment.
01. Going For It [04:42]
02. I'll Be There [04:45]
03. Shrewsbury Strut [04:54]
04. Loves Simple Rules [04:45]
05. Long Time Coming [04:20]
06. LB, Thinking Of You [04:04]
07. I Wont Complain [05:22]
08. U-Turn [04:47]
09. Endia [04:32]
10. Awesome God [04:53]
11. Keep On Moving [04:42]
J.Henry - Alto/Soprano Saxophone,
Daron Steward - Keybords music director,
Neil Goodine - Drums,
Harold Olinge - Guitar,
Andre Henderson - Bass,
Cardell Henry - Vocalist.
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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Rivers Edge: The Sweet Life (2010)

How Smooth is too Smooth? That is the question. And what does it mean to be smooth? All Jazz by its very nature is smooth in one way or another. So when Tommy Lathan and Paul Gadbois began to compose for their debut CD, they had several philosophical discussions about what musical style they should create. More than half way through the writing and recording of their first CD, their philosophical contemplation finally lead them to conclude that their sound was not going to be created by philosophy, but rather by pure creativity. They both felt that eventually, popular opinion and the passing of time would somehow create a label that defines the sound of Rivers Edge. Interestingly enough, some people are already referring to their sound as “Groove Jazz with an Edge”.
“The Sweet Life” is made up of ten jazz tunes that range from “totally laid back” (Midnight Inspiration) to “in your face” (Steppin UP). Many of the songs on this CD are mid-tempo compositions that are layered with soothing melodies and funky grooves.
01. Winter Evening [05:34]
02. Steppin Up [04:37]
03. Penny Slot [04:02]
04. Midnight Inspiration [05:15]
05. River Rat [04:11]
06. EZ Breezy [04:54]
07. Boo Boo's Groove [05:31]
08. Honey Tree [04:27]
09. Baby Mae [03:48]
10. La Dolce Vida [04:42]
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Friday, November 12, 2010

James Cotton: Giant (2010)

It is with great pleasure and pride that we welcome a true blues legend back to Alligator Records. James “Mr. Superharp” Cotton, over the course of a 66-year career (starting at the age of nine!), has earned his place as a world icon of blues harmonica. His signature gigantic harp sound and blast-furnace attack are unmatched, even as he turns 75 years old....
James learned from other blues giants—Sonny Boy Williamson, Howlin’ Wolf, and of course Muddy Waters, at whose side he played for over a decade. He began recording as a teenage band leader, at Memphis’ Sun Records. He appeared on many of Muddy’s later classic sides, including the famed Live At Newport album. Since the mid-1960s, he’s led his own all-star bands of world-class players, touring relentlessly. He’s cut almost 30 albums, combining his incendiary high-energy boogies with the deepest and sweetest of slow blues, the blues he first played as a boy in the Mississippi Delta and perfected on the South Side of Chicago.
These days James leaves the singing to his band, but every time he raises that harp to his lips, the sheer force and ferocity of his music reaffirms his status as Mr. Superharp Himself, an undisputed giant of the blues. ~ Bruce Iglauer
01. Buried Alive In The Blues (3:31)
02. Heard You're Getting Married (5:00)
03. Find Yourself Another Fool (2:54)
04. Sad Sad Day (4:59)
05. Change (2:56)
06. How Blue Can You Get? (5:02)
07. With The Quickness (2:32)
08. Since I Met You, Baby (6:13)
09. Going Down Main Street (3:50)
10. That's All Right (5:12)
11. Let Yourself Go (3:05)
12. Blues For Koko (3:06)
Produced by James Cotton, Jacklyn Hairston and Derek O’Brien
Line-up / Musicians:
James Cotton - Harmonica
Slam Allen - Vocals and Guitar (left channel)
Tom Holland - Guitar (right channel), Vocal on “Sad Sad Day”
Noel Neal - Bass
Kenny Neal, Jr. - Drums
Ronnie James Weber - plays bass on “Sad Sad Day”
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Peter Materna Trio: The Dancer (2010)

Materna has established himself as one of the highest calibre saxophonists in Germany. German magazine Audio calls him a bright spot in the jazz sky, for German weekly Die Welt Peter Materna is Germany s greatest insider tip. With Henning Sieverts on bass and Yayo Morales on drums, Materna presents an album offering a wide range of forms and rhythms such as blues, waltz, tango, ballad, Latin, and classical, The Dancer is a must for all saxophone lovers and a concentrated statement in the art of advanced jazz -- timeless and deep.
01. Caravan (6:50)
02. Goodbye For Now (7:03)
03. Wango (3:22)
04. T Blues (5:07)
05. The Dancer (4:25)
06. Best To You (4:33)
07. Andante (8:58)
08. Largo (4:07)
09. The Cat (7:00)
10. Bolivia (3:31)
11. Das Leben Ein Pfeifen (4:18)
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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Henry Buff Dillard: Awaken (2010)

The trombonist was born on January 18th in Greenville SC. At the age of five, he sparked an interest for singing, drums and playing brass instruments. Never loosing his passion for music during his growth, he performed in school bands and displayed his gift in his father’s church. By the age of twelve he developed more of a passion to play the trombone and decided to focus on mastering the slide.
Henry went on to develop his skills by playing in school bands, organizing and directing church bands as well as choirs. As a student at Martin Luther King jr. High School in Philadelphia Pa., he performed in the Concert Band, The Martin Luther King Jazz Band and The Philadelphia All-City Jazz Band
at various social and political events.
His gift allowed him to attend jazz workshops instructed by the celebrated jazz trumpeter Wynton Marsalis, perform with jazz sensation Pieces of a Dream as well as the legendary Count Basie Band. Henry has also worked with the Prince of Gospel, Pastor John P. Kee and featured as a soloist on the
Strength and New Divine Destiny projects.
He founded and organized a group of musicians known as Anointed Jazz that toured for eight years and performed as the opening act for artists such as Shirley Caesar, Helen Baylor, The Williams Brothers, saxophonist Angela Christie, Charles Wolfork and many more. As an independent artist, he has opened for the SOS Band, Jasmine Sullivan and Kevon Edmonds of After 7, Willie Clayton and Dave Holister.
Henry has released a total of four independent projects titled “The X change”, “Inspiration”, “Genesis I”, "Bone jazz Review” and his latest release “Awaken". He continues to receive radio air play and great reviews in various cities on the East and West Coast. Henry Dillard continues his career as a trombonist, independent recording artist, founder and director of a band called “Unique Blend” and CEO of Bonejazz Productions.
01. Awaken [02:42]
02. Whatcha Gonna Do [03:58]
03. Bonejazz [03:13]
04. My Business [03:08]
05. Feel Like Making Love [04:51]
06. Paradise [05:54]
07. Free Your Mind [04:02]
08. Driven [05:49]
09. Free [03:54]
10. Atonement [05:57]
11. Wanna Be With You [03:42]
12. Jamaican Jazz [05:09]
13. Right Here [03:49]
14. Momentum [04:21]
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Damien DelRusso: Looking Through Rain (2010)

The release of this CD has been a dream come true for Damien DelRusso. His love of music has helped him through some difficult times. He, along with 5 of his 7 siblings, have a condition known as RP (retinitis pigmentosa). This has caused him to lose most of his eyesight. Now everything appears to him as if he is Looking Through Rain.
He is lucky to be blessed with the talent of being able to create songs that he felts were worthy of putting on a CD and in being able to gather together a group of top-notch musicians. Matt King on keyboards, Dave Mann on sax, Rob Reich on guitar, Brian Killeen on bass, Josh Dion on drums, and Café on percussion. His two vocals tunes are sung by Josh Dion and Veronica Martell. All successful artists in their own right.
Tracklist:1. Looking Through Rain [4:44]
2. Island Of Love [3:41]
3. Taking A Break [3:42]
4. Ain’t Doin’ It WIth You [3:08]
5. Pleasure Your Lover [3:54]
6. Good Times In The City [3:41]
7. Thinking Of You [4:43]
8. Each Time I Look At You [3:28]
9. Taking Another Break [2:37]
10. Always Listen To Your Heart [4:31]
11. Song For Steve [3:11]
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Monday, November 8, 2010

Dave Koz: Hello Tomorrow (2010)

In a career spanning two decades, Dave Koz has established himself as a platinum-selling artist, humanitarian, entrepreneur, radio host, and instrumental music advocate. A six-time GRAMMY nominee, he was honored in 2009 by the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The list of artists who Koz has played with bears testament to his talent and includes such musical luminaries as Burt Bacharach, Ray Charles, Natalie Cole, Celine Dion, Kenny Loggins, U2, Barry Manilow, Michael McDonald, Luther Vandross, and Rod Stewart. On this, his Concord Records debut, Dave works with such legendary and diverse musicians as Herb Alpert, Jonathan Butler, Brian Culbertson, Sheila E., Dana Glover, Boney James, Jeff Lorber, Marcus Miller, Keb' Mo', Ray Parker Jr., Lee Ritenour, & Christian Scott, to name a few. Hello Tomorrow may be all at once his most musical, as well as his most meaningful project to date, as it is about embracing life, the changes it brings and the promise of a new day.
01 - Put The Top Down
02 - When Will I Know For Sure
03 - It's Always Been You
04 - Getaway
05 - This Guy's In Love With You
06 - Anything's Possible
07 - There's A Better Way
08 - Start All Over Again
09 - Think Big
10 - The Journey
11 - Remember Where You Come From
12 - Whisper In Your Ear
13 - What You Leave Behind
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Angelique Kidjo: Fifa (1996)

Angelique Kidjo's fifth album Fifa saw the artist experimenting further with the Western genres of soul and pop, resulting in her most mainstream record to date. As evidenced by "Naima," the stunning collaboration with Carlos Santana, Kidjo's instincts for pairing African rhythms and Western structures are inspired. Other highlights include "Wombo Lombo," "The Sound of the Drums," and "Shango." Unfortunately, Fifa proved to be a marketing challenge in the United States, and this melodic and rhythmic Kidjo record remains hard to find and largely undiscovered. A wonderful release.
Tracklist01. The Sound of the Drums
02. Wombo Lombo
03. Welcome
04. Shango
05. Bitchifi
06. Fifa
07. Goddess of the Sea
08. Akwaba
09. Koro-Koro
10. Naima
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Benny Carter: New York Nights (1997)

Bennett Lester Carter (August 8, 1907 – July 12, 2003) was an American jazz alto saxophonist, clarinetist, trumpeter, composer, arranger, and bandleader. He was a major figure in jazz from the 1930s to the 1990s, and was recognized as such by other jazz musicians who called him King. In 1958, he performed with Billie Holiday at the legendary Monterey Jazz Festival.
The National Endowment for the Arts honored Benny Carter with its highest honor in jazz, the NEA Jazz Masters Award for 1986. He was awarded the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1987, winner of the Grammy Award in 1994 for his solo "Prelude to a Kiss", and also the same year, received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In 2000 awarded the National Endowment for the Arts, National Medal of Arts, presented by President Bill Clinton.
1 What Is This Thing Called Love? (Porter) 6:56
2 Easy Money (Carter) 8:44
3 The Shadow of Your Smile (Mandel, Webster) 6:38
4 Secret Love (Fain, Webster) 8:47
5 When Lights Are Low (Carter, Williams) 5:23
6 On Green Dolphin Street (Kaper, Washington) 7:45
7 But Beautiful (Burke, VanHeusen) 7:00
8 Just in Time (Comden, Green, Styne) 6:54
9 Perdido (Drake, Lengsfelder, Tizol) 7:57
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Orrick Ewing: Summertime (2010)

Orrick Ewing is a master of gospel-infused jazz. Fresh out of high school, Orrick played bass for Parliament-Funkadelic. After spending a few years with the group he wanted to branch out and try new styles of music, so he joined up with an R&B group, the Crowd Pleasers. As his career continued, Orrick joined up with long-time friend and powerhouse blues guitarist Larry McCray. After backing Larry, Mr. Ewing became the bass player for The Mighty Clouds of Joy, which ultimately won him a Grammy Nomination and an induction into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame.
Orrick has made appearances on Good Morning America, David Letterman, the Stellar Awards, The Legends of Gospel, and Bobby Jones Gospel, among others. Throughout his amazing career, Orrick Ewing has performed with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Mavis Staples, Smokey Robinson, Inez Andrews and has shared the stage with Earth Wind & Fire, The O'Jays, The Gap Band, Gerald Albright, Kirk Whalum, Gladys Knight, and Sherrelle.
Currently, Orrick is the lead bassist for the Wayman Tisdale Band, following Mr. Tisdale's untimely death. He is proud to step into the shoes of someone who was loved by many all around the country. During his live performances, he pays tribute to Wayman Tisdale by performing some of his songs.
Tracklist:01. Funkville 5:08
02. Soft & Warm 4:45
03. The Cool N U 4:57
04. Summertime 4:45
05. A Long Walk 4:38
06. Reminiscing 5:36
07. Ain’t No Stoppin Us now 4:23
08. Oh Snap 4:20
09. God Can 4:36
10. A beautiful Day 4:04
11. Juke Joint 6:39
12. Chinn on Friday Night 5:03

Thursday, November 4, 2010

V.A.: Tru Thoughts Jazz MP3 Sampler (2010)

This is a surprisingly good collection of tracks by artists I had never heard of. Heavy on the horns; punchy rhythms, many latin-flavored; muscular arrangements; densely-textured; innovative improvisations; with an occasional soft ballad. Jazz, but not at all bop or post-bop, what is now called "traditional." There's only one track that is (in my opinion) less than stellar. If you have any interest in Jazz I recommend you download this one.
01. Nostalgia 77 Octet - One For Nan
02. Nostalgia 77 - Steps Of The Sun
03. The Voices Of Time - Solstice
04. Jeb Loy Nichols - The Day That Never Came
05. The Skeletons - Positive Force
06. Quantic Soul Orchestra - Los Olvidados
07. Nostalgia 77 - Changes
08. Lizzy Parks - Prayer
09. Saravah Soul - Milk and Mangoes
10. Stonephace - Stonephace
11. Nostalgia 77 Sessions featuring Keith & Julie Tippett - Rainclouds
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Egberto Gismonti: Saudacoes (2009) [2 CD]

ECM Records wrote:
..."Egberto Gismonti’s first new ECM recording in 14 years is a double-album that indicates the range of his artistry. Disc one features Gismonti the composer on a 70-minute journey through Brazil: “Sertões Veredas – tribute to miscegenation”. It is a work that takes account of Brazil’s culture and history, landscapes and cityscapes, vividly evoked by Cuba’s all-women orchestra the Camerta Romeu, under the leadership of Zenaida Romeu. Disc two features Gismonti the guitarist in an exciting duo recital with his similarly-gifted son Alexandre, romping through a programme that includes such well-known pieces as “Zig Zag”, “Lundú” and “Dança dos Escravos”."...
CD 1:
01 - Sertoes Veredas I                       13:31.30
02 - Sertoes Veredas II                      12:35.68
03 - Sertoes Veredas III                     09:04.60
04 - Sertoes Veredas IV                      10:46.68
05 - Sertoes Veredas V                       10:44.72
06 - Sertoes Veredas VI                      09:56.56
07 - Sertoes Veredas VII Palhaco Na Caravela 08:56.28
Total: 75:37.07                            
CD 2:                             
01 - Lundu                                   04:03.63
02 - Mestico & Caboclo                       13:05.04
03 - Dois Violoes                            05:18.13
04 - Palhaco                                 06:53.64
05 - Danca Dos Escravos                      08:14.60
06 - Chora Antonio                           06:20.27
07 - Zig Zag                                 10:05.63
08 - Carmen                                  04:56.41
09 - Aguas & Danca                           06:33.11
10 - Saudacoes                               04:31.49
Total: 70:03.20
Personnel & Recording Information:
SERTÕES VEREDAS I-VII - Tributo à miscigenação (Disc 1)
Camerata Romeu
Zenaida Romeu: conductor
Recorded August 2006,Teatro Amadeo Roldan, Havana
DUETOS DE VIOLÕES – Guitar Duets (Disc 2)
Alexandre Gismonti: guitar
Egberto Gismonti: guitar
Recorded April and May 2007,Mega Studio and Cecilia Meireles Hall, Rio de Janeiro
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Willie "Jazzanova" Davis: Saxual Therapy (2010)

Willie Jazzanova Davis straight out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama will blow your mind with his high energy, soulful style! At the age of 10 he started playing the saxophone and has never put it down. At the age of 23 he has set out on an exciting stage of his music career by releasing his R&B Jazz Album- Saxual Therapy! With this album he hopes to inspire young people to follow there dreams & provide listeners with music they can listen to over & over & feel good & blown away at the soulful musicality this album provides. Every year he grows & progresses higher in his career knowing that when he keeps God first, doors will begin to open.
1. Between the Sheets 4:27
2. Sweet Love 4:00
3. Rock with You 3:49
4. Do U Wanna 6:04
5. What You Won't do for Love 4:25
6. Yearning For Your Love 5:16
7. The Point Of It All 3:50
8. Ain't Nobody 4:37
9. Dedication To My Mother & Sister (R I P) 3:42

Monday, November 1, 2010

Michal Urbaniak: Urbanator (1994)

Michal Urbaniak (born January 22, 1943) is a Polish jazz musician and composer born in Warsaw, playing mainly the violin, lyricon and saxophone during concerts and recordings. He played a central role in the development of jazz fusion in the 1970s and 1980s, and has introduced elements of folk, R&B, hip hop, and symphonic music to jazz.
1. Chameleon (Hancock, Jackson, Mason ...) - 5:23
2. Hopscotch (Getter, White) - 5:05
3. Cats (Komeda) - 4:58
4. Hot Jazz Biscuits (White) - 4:40
5. Watermelon Man (Hancock) - 6:22
6. First Flight (Flythe, Wright) - 4:16
7. Here I Go Again (Groce, Urbanator, Urbaniak ...) - 4:32
8. Sack O' Woe (Adderley) - 6:54
9. For My Mother (Urbanator, Urbaniak) - 4:52
10. Square Park Sunday (Groce, MacDowell, Urbanator ...) - 4:25
Personnel:Michal Urbaniak : violin, talking violin,
tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone
Lenny White : drums, percussion
Al MacDowell : bass, piccolo bass
Jon Dryden : piano, keyboards
Аdditional musicians:
Herbie Hancock : piano on 1
Marcus Miller : bass on 6
Tom Browne : trumpet, flugelhorn on 4,5,6,7,8
Kenny Garrett : alto saxophone on 8
Michael Brecker : tenor saxophone on 3,9
Randy Brecker : trumpet, flugelhorn on 3,9
Bernard Wright : keyboards, programming on 6
Fred Welsh : rhythm guitar on 5
Jane Getter : guitar on 2
Pawel MacIwoda : extra bass on 2
Rich Keller : rhythm guitar on 3
Spaceman : guitar on 1
Muckhead : rap on 3,7,10
Solid : rap on 4
Dziko : vocal on 7
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