Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band: How I Go (Special Edition) (2011)

Kenny Wayne Shepherd's How I Go not only serves as a strong reminder of the chops that caused Guitar World to place him right behind B.B. King and Eric Clapton on their list of blues guitarists, but it's the strongest indication yet of his gifted songwriting talent. The album pairs Kenny's deeply soulful and impassioned takes on classic material like Bessie Smith's "Blackwater Blues," Albert King's "Oh, Pretty Woman" and The Beatles "Yer Blues" alongside the strongest writing and co-writing of his career thus far. The hard-rocking, blues-based, guitar-driven album sounds young, it sounds fresh. Yet it has that distinctive energy and vibe drawn from the deep heritage of the genre. Kenny Wayne Shepherd is growing as a songwriter, musician and producer. Which isn't to say he's not proud of his past. "I don't have any regrets, other than maybe a couple of outfits that I wore on stage," he laughs. Last year's Live in Chicago! captured epic performances from Kenny and an assemblage of living legends in the blues world. Kenny's incredible presence and perpetually giving performances, designed to get every person in the room on their feet and to leave them smiling, are all of the evidence one needs to determine that he'll continue to do this for decades to come - just like his heroes.
01.Never Lookin’ Back
02.Come On Over
03.Yer Blues
04.Show Me The Way Back Home
06.Oh, Pretty Woman
07.Anywhere The Wind Blows
08.Dark Side Of Love
09.Heat Of The Sun
10.Round And Round
11.The Wire
12.Who’s Gonna Catch You Now
13.Backwater Blues
16.Cryin’ Shame
17.Baby The Rain Must Fall
How I Go (Special Edition)
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Richie Cole w/Brass: Kush: The Music of Dizzy Gillespie (1995)

Altoist Richie Cole makes a full-fledged comeback on this fairly inspired release. He performs nine Dizzy Gillespie compositions (plus "You Go to My Head" which was actually co-written by Haven Gillespie) while joined by groups ranging from a two-guitar trio to a 13-piece band, all arranged in colorful fashion by Bob Belden.
1. Be-Bop [05:34]
2. You Go To My Head [06:39]
3. Birk's Works [05:33]
4. I Waited For You [05:17]
5. Kush [07:28]
6. Salt Peanuts [03:52]
7. Con Alma [05:25]
8. A Night In Tunisia [05:57]
9. This Is The Way [02:44]
10. Manteca [08:41]
Total time 00:57:10
Kush: Music of Dizzy Gillespie
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Tom Harrel: The Time of the Sun (2011)

On The Time of the Sun, Tom and his quintet confirm their place at the top of the post-bop mainstream. Of course, Harrell's often beautiful, always rigorous solos are to the fore but he allows each member of his band to shine and nobody is relegated to second fiddle. Whether it be on ballads or driving pieces, the group's expositions, interactions and song development is exuberant and extensive, devoid of gimmicks and are delivered in an energetic, yet disciplined and sophisticated manner.
01 The Time of the Sun 05:57
02 Estuary 08:41
03 Ridin' 09:02
04 The Open Door 06:34
05 Dream Text 07:29
06 Modern Life 07:11
07 River Samba 05:04
08 Cactus 06:29
09 Otra 05:49
Personnel: Tom Harrell (trumpet, flugelhorn); Wayne Escoffery (tenor saxophone); Danny Grissett (piano, Fender Rhodes); Ugonna Okegwo (bass); Johnathan Blake (drums)
Time of the Sun

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shawn Lee's Incredible Tabla Band: Tabla Rock (2012)

The original Incredible Bongo Band’s “Bongo Rock” is firmly cemented into musical history having provided the oft sampled (and completely irresistible) “Apache” drum break for a million and one producers to cut up. Also known as Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band, the project was born in 1972. Viner, a record artist manager and executive at MGM Records, was making use of MGM recording facilities in down-time, recruiting whichever studio musicians were on-hand. Ringo Starr is rumored to have played on some tracks. They made two albums of funky, instrumental music filled with covers of popular songs of the day and heavily relying on bongo drums, conga drums, rock drums and brass.
Over 3 decades after its inception UK producer, and avid record collector, Shawn Lee was marveling at the fact that there had never been an Indian style, sitar and tabla-heavy, version of the Incredible Bongo Band masterpiece “Apache.” “Such an obvious track, I still find it hard to believe that one doesn't already exist. (It is hella’ obscure if it does…) “Apache” is one of the greatest and most famous drum-breaks of all time,” says Lee. Not content with covering just “Apache,” Lee decided he’d take on the entire Bongo Band debut album; and also two of his favorite tracks from their second album for good measure. “Why cover a song when you can cover a whole album? This is the road to madness my friend, and it is my preferred route!” he adds.
Lee has attempted to replay, recreate, and capture all of the sonic characteristics of the original recordings. Viner left Lee with simple tunes to cover, but the Bongo Band used sophisticated arrangements and his all-star line-up of guests played killer performances throughout the album. Lee couldn’t find any Beatles to recruit and record, instead he called on the talents of tabla player Prithpal Rajput aka Cyber of the Asian Dub Foundation, and Style Council keyboard-man Mick Talbot to help realize his eccentric vision. With the utmost respect in mind Lee has re-thought Viners drum-driven masterpiece, presenting it in an Indian-funk style that could easily be confused with the vintage release Lee was bemused to never have previously found. Lee had such a blast covering all the songs he’s thinking about other favorite albums to tackle, tabla style.
01. Let There Be Drums [02:40]
02. Apache [04:56]
03. Bongolia [02:20]
04. Last Bongo in Belgium [06:56]
05. Dueling Bongos [02:561]
06. Inna Gadda Da Vida [06:50]
07. Raunchy '73 [03:26]
08. Bongo Rock '73 [02:38]
09. Sing Sing Sing [04:16]
10. Pipeline [04:00]

Monday, August 15, 2011

Adam Holzman And Brave New World: Jazz Rocket Science (2005)

The band comes out funky and heavy on the opener "Superhero" and follow it up with the soulful "Life On Mars." The introspective "The Telltale Heart", is an example of some of the band's quieter moments followed by more fusion-funk. The members groove hard and solo with passion. This is grown-up fusion, with the freneticism of its 1970s pre-cursors cooled off and a more sophisticated vocabulary brought to bear.
01 - Superhero
02 - Life On Mars
03 - The Telltale Heart
04 - The Whole World Is Everywhere
05 - Firewire
06 - Level 3 Intro: Airlock
07 - Level 3 Containment Suit
08 - Maria Rain
09 - Kaddidle Hopper
10 - Kryptonite
11 - Miles Runs The Voodoo Down
Adam Holzman - piano, electric piano, Fender Rhodes piano, Wurlitzer organ, keyboards, mini-Moog synthesizer, drums, programming, sampler
Alanda Burroughs - guitar
Mitch Stein - guitar
Aaron Heick - saxophone, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone
Alex Elena - drums, programming, sampler).
Freddy Cash Jr. - bass
Jazz Rocket Science
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Robert Majewski, Bobo Stenson, Palle Danielsson, Joey Baron: My One And Only Love (2011)

“My One And Only Love” is an encounter of famous jazz musicians: Polish trumpeter Robert Majewski, known for his unique sound; Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson, co-leader of a legendary quartet with Jan Garbarek; Swedish double bass player Palle Danielsson, part of famed European ensemble of Keith Jarett and American Joey Baron, one of the best drummers in the world, who on daily basis works with artists like John Zorn, Ron Carter or John Abercrombie.
“My One And Only Love”, composed mainly of jazz ballads, was registered in mid-December in S4, studio of the Polish Radio in Warsaw. Along with world-famous ballads, the artists recorded also unforgettable Polish themes: “Nie budzcie mnie” of Jeremi Przybora and Jerzy Wasowski and “Ballad for Bernt” of Krzysztof Komeda, known from Polanski’s film “Knife in the Water”. What is the most curious, the musicians played in such ensemble for the first time (but, as they say, not the last either) and they played live in the same room and without earphones. As a result, we obtain a record with a real concert feeling and a studio quality.
Author of the project and it’s music producer is Tomasz Gassowski, knowed mostly as the composer of scores to Andrzej Jakimowski’s films: “Tricks” and “Squint your eyes”. The record is published by Zjednoczenie Artystow i Rzemieslnikow – ZaiR, producer of aforementioned films.
1. When I Fall In Love
2. Body And Soul
3. My One And Only Love
4. A Child Is Born
5. The Nearness Of You
6. Ballad For Bernt
7. Stella By Starlight
8. Nie budzcie mnie
9. Never Let Me Go
Robert Majewski - fluegelhorn
Bobo Stenson - piano
Palle Danielsson - double bass
Joey Baron - drums
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Friday, August 12, 2011

Chick Corea & Hiromi Uehara: Duet (2008)

Apparently Chick Corea and Hiromi push each other's creative buttons. Corea is always reliable, but on this recording he sounds like he's 25 again. And Hiromi rose to the challenge of playing with such a legend. What's surprising is how seamless their playing is. Individually they have very distinctive approaches to the piano, but here they often sound like one person with four hands.
Not every cut is equally bracing. There are a few that sound more like the players are coasting through old standards, but many of the pieces here are surprisingly bold, thorny, and out on the edge (which is just the way I like it). At times they sound like Cecil Taylor, which is quite welcome, but very surprising. "Spain" hasn't sounded this fresh in decades. What's perhaps most notable about the performance is the communication and interplay between Corea and Hiromi. They're playing in hair-trigger mode all the time, following each other's lead so instantaneously that at times it seems as though they're playing written-out parts in unison (though this happens in such unlikely places that you know it is in fact improvised). And that kind of super-alert attitude gives all the playing a tremendous immediacy and vitality. All in all a very rewarding CD.
01. Very Early
02. How Insensitive
03. Deja Vu
04. Fool on the Hill
05. Humpty Dumpty
06. Bolivar Blues
01. Windows
02. Old Castle, by the river, in the middle of a forest
03. Summertime
04. Place To Be
05. Do Mo (Children's Song #12)
06. Concierto de Aranjuez / Spain
Duet: Chick & Hiromi
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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bunny Brunel: For You To Play (1994)

When CHICK COREA watched BERNARD BUNNY BRUNEL play one night at an upscale London jazz club in 1978, Bunny was unaware of the ultimate significance Corea would play in his future success as a bassist. A few weeks after that visit to London, Chick called Bunny on the telephone and asked him to pack up and join him on a world wide tour. Bunny quickly accepted and went on to record the classics "Tap Step" and "Secret Agent" with the legendary jazz fusionist. The roster of artists Bunny went on to record and perform with is practically a "Who's Who" of music industry giants. Notables include: HERBIE HANCOCK, WAYNE SHORTER, TONY WILLIAMS, AL JARREAU, NATALIE COLE, LARRY CORYELL, AL DIMEOLA, MIKE STERN, JOE FARRELL, and a list that goes on and on.
Besides his work as a performer, he is equally at home in the roles of composer, arranger and producer. As a soundtrack composer, Bunny collaborated with Clint Eastwood in creating the main theme ("Claudia's Theme") for the Oscar winning film, "The Unforgiven." He also worked on several TV shows, including the popular series "Highlander."
As a designer, Bunny created a line of Electric Bass Guitars for Carvin Corp. and an Electric Upright Bass.
Bunny has released many albums. See his page on CD Baby or personal website at for current list. These projects highlight his beautiful compositions and melodic solos and show off breathtaking bass lines. "CAB2" was nominated for the "Best Contemporary Jazz Instrumental Album" Grammy award of 2002.
Taking an active interest in helping bass players, Brunel regularly gives seminars and lessons on his unique approach to the instrument. He has written several books and instructional videos.
01 - New Blues
02 - Champagne & You
03 - For You To Play
04 - Basie's Mood
05 - Chan's Song
06 - Liven Up
07 - Little Thing
08 - One For Clint
MIKE STERN- guitar
BILLY CHILDS- keyboards
For You To Play
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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Human Element: ST (2011)

In the tradition of Weather Report and the Joe Zawinul Syndicate, two powerhouse pan-global bands that have greatly influenced generations of musicians around the world, Human Element is staking out a new corner of the musical map on its self-titled debut. Comprised of keyboardist Scott Kinsey (Tribal Tech), electric bassist Matthew Garrison (Zawinul Syndicate, John McLaughlin's Heart of Things, Herbie Hancock), percussionist-vocalist Arto Tuncboyaciyan (Al Di Meola's World Sinfonia, Joe Zawinul, Marc Johnson's Right Brain Patrol) and drummer Gary Novak (Chick Corea's Elektric Band), Human Element incorporates elements of fusion, funk and Armenian folk tunes into a potent 21st century brew that defies easy categorization.
Personnel: Scott Kinsey (Keyboards, Vocals) Arto Tuncboyacian (Percussion, Vocals, Effects), Gary Novak (Drums, Cymbals), Matthew Garrison (Basses, Vocals, Effects), and Special Guest John McLaughlin (Guitar).
Recorded at Gary Novak' Kronos Studio in Burbank and mixed and mastered by Kinsey in his home studio, Human Element travels from intense offerings like the 5/8 title track and Bottom of the Mirror to the Gnawan music influenced groover Essouaria and funky jams like Crazy Girl and Shake It. Tuncboyaciyan's Hi Lao (featuring a cameo by guitar hero John McLaughlin) injects a Middle Eastern flavor into the proceedings while Garrison's two tracks, Izzy and Cut, showcase his remarkable facility on the bass. For a change of pace from the whirlwind intensity, Tuncboyaciyan offers transcendent vocals on the beautiful ballad See With Your Ear and the zen-like calm of Onno, a touching ode to his late brother. Arto's son Seto also contributes some thoughtful spoken word passages on the solemn lament Think About It, which tackles the grim topic of the Armenian genocide.
Rather than being a one-off studio project with an endless cast of characters, Human Element is the sound of a band in the process of establishing its identity.
''We decided that it should definitely be a band and that a record should be just the four of us,'' says Kinsey. ''There's something special about that. We all loved Weather Report and the Mahavishnu Orchestra and we wanted that real band approach. So the four of us camped out for a couple of days and recorded all the basic tracks for this record. Everybody contributed tunes and we all had some input on how the songs were going to end up sounding. It was never really one guy's vision, even if it was his tune we were recording. That's why I really think in the end it does sound like a band record.''
And while the Zawinul influence may be apparent at times, the four kindred spirits boldly stride into distinctly new territory on Human Element. ''Language-wise, we all got so much from Joe,'' says Kinsey, ''and yet we wanted it to be different and about us. And as we got into it, I think it started to really take on an identity of its own. It spans a big area of music and yet it still sounds like one thing.
Kinsey and company hope to establish Human Element as a major force on the international festival scene, bringing their unique and powerful message to fusion and world music fans everywhere. ''The plan is to really go for it with this band,'' says Kinsey. ''We all believe in it because there's really nothing else like this band out there. Since Joe passed, there's just no one making music that's really on that type of wavelength. So there must be a lot of people out there who would like to find music that speaks to them the way that Joe's music did.''
Human Element definitely fills that void. With the release of their self-titled debut on Abstract Logix, this powerful quartet takes its first step in its musical mission.
1. Introduction
2. Izzy
3. The Human Element
4. Speak with Your Eye
5. Onno
6. Hi Lao
7. Cut
8. Listen with Your Mouth
9. Essaouira
10. Crazy GIrl
11. See with Your Ear
12. Shake It!
13. Bottom of the Mirror
14. Think About It

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Stefon Harris, David Sanchez, Christian Scott: Ninety Miles (2011)

This album is a collaboration between vibraphonist Stefon Harris, trumpeter Christian Scott, and tenor saxophonist David Sanchez, recorded in Havana with Cuban musicians, including pianists Rember Duharte and Harold Lopez-Nussa. It's not a Latin jazz album, though; these guys are primarily interested in moving classic hard bop into the future with infusions of hip-hop sensibility and groove, and that aesthetic permeates Ninety Miles, though there are occasional keyboard montunos and plenty of conga-driven rhythms to be heard, particularly on the album's peak, the hard Afro-Cuban/New Orleans funk workout "Congo." In a way, Ninety Miles is a puzzling album, because it doesn't seem to be making any explicit political statement; it's about the artistry, and nothing more. Christian Scott is a blazing young trumpeter in the Clifford Brown mold; Stefon Harris, who came up under Greg Osby, is keenly aware of the vibes' traditional position within jazz, and makes the most of that; David Sanchez is a powerful saxophonist with a flair for melody over muscle-flexing displays of lung power. And that's all they really want you to take away from this album. It's a blowing session that just happens to have been recorded in Cuba, with Cuban musicians backing them. Which, in its way, is a political statement, if an oblique one. But the album is well worth hearing on purely musical grounds.
by Phil Freeman
01. Nengueleru (Duharte) 5:04
02. E'cha (Torres) 4:17
03. City Sunrise (Sanchez) 6:47
04. The Forgotten Ones (Sanchez) 3:53
05. Black Action Figure (Harris)6:21
06. Congo (Duharte) 6:30
07. And This Too Shall Pass (Harris) 9:28
08. Brown Belle Blues (Harris) 5:00
09. La Fiesta Va (Torres) 5:46
Vibraphone – Stefon Harris
Tenor Saxophone – David Sanchez
Trumpet – Christian Scott
Tracks 1,6,8:
Piano, Vocals (6) – Rember Duharte (1,6,8)
Electric Bass – Osmar Salazar
Drums – Eduardo Barroetabena
Bata, Congas, Percussion – Jean Roberto San Miguel
Tracks 2,3,5,7,9
Piano - Harold Lopez-Nussa
Bass - Yandy Martinez Gonzalez
Drums – Ruy Adrain Lopea-Nussa
Congas, Djembe, Percussion, Bata (4) – Edgar Martinez Ochoa
Ninety Miles
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Apolo Bass: Another World Without Rasism (2006)

Apolo Bass was born in Cameroon in 1965. He started practicing music in 1982 in Colegio Vogt where he became an orchestra Chief. Apolo Bass was during a few months, a bassist guitarist in the national orchestra of Cameroon. He had a privilege of working with many known artists.
Since 1991 in Spain, he studied Jazz in the ITM of Madrid, which is the National institute of bassist (USA).  He was one of the students of one of the elite’s professor like Felix Santos. Since 2004, Apolo Bass directs his own music projects. He is assisted by a multicultural band.
This Bassist is one of the most innovative African musicians who bring (besides his music project Jazz Bass Africa) a type of music in which blends the Jazz with a variety of African music and Latin touch of elements.  Apolo Bass is consolidating himself as a African Bassist with an emphasis of Jazz and world music.
The cultural side, passion, artistic and dedication interest of this artist are all the factors that got him to get an invitation to perform live in the 2 major’s television sites,  TVE1 and TVE2. It is always a feeling of proud to know that his performance is always shown on television and that the people are enjoying it. Apolo Bass has been recognized as one of the 600 most representatives artist of the 5 continents.
Apolo Bass has participated in numerous festivals, by bringing a breath of fresh air wherever he performs, due to his great knowledge of music, to his talented and diverse  music team that accompany him on his tours. He performed in many concerts in the  whole national territory, and worked with many counties, Caja Madrid, Festivals etc…
Each Apolo Bass concert is an unique event, where each musician gives his best and unique art, making the spectator happy and enjoying the show. Actually, Apolo Bass is working on the promotion of his new album “ Tierras Lejanas”. It is a project where many known artist like Santiago Reyes, “El Padre” which is “The Father” of the Jazz Guitar in Spain.
01. Daniel my son (4:56)
02. Another world without racism (4:09)
03. Divine inspiration (5:05)
04. Jazz pour I'Afrique (4:44)
05. Bass for me (6:29)
06. The sound of my heart (6:19)
07. Encuentro (5:31)
08. I shot the sheriff (5:50)
09. My tribute to Charly Parker (5:50)
10. Mujer bella (5:37)
11. Dame alegria (5:06)
12. Oh koh (7:29)
Another World Without Racism
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Monday, August 8, 2011

David P. Stevens: Uptown (2011)

Currently, David P. Stevens co-writes, produces, and engineers at Morning Star Studios and has garnered endorsements from ESP and Fred Rock Guitars.
The CEO of Sanctifly Music Group’s musicianship began recording at age 14 with Divine Praise. He played at the National Inspirational Youth Convention with Marvin Sapp and Ben Tankard, and also recorded with Kim Sledge. As a member of the Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) band, Stevens ministered music with Alvin Slaughter, Dottie Rambo, Gary Oliver and Clifton Davis, among many others.
On his new album Uptown (2011) he features artists like Shamika Phoenix, Steve Cole, Gerald Veasley, Carol Riddick and Dionne.  This perfect mix of smooth jazz and R&B is available at Musivc On Top.
01. Uptown (feat. Shamika Phoenix) (4:25)
02. The Shedd (feat. Steve Cole) (5:08)
03. El Es Bueno (4:56)
04. Love Is Still In Style (feat. Carol Riddick) (4:51)
05. NY-LA Groovin' (4:56)
06. The Greatest of These (4:29)
07. Sensitivity (4:39)
08. The Jujack Hustle (feat. Gerald Veasley) (5:19)
09. Let it Go (4:10)
10. Circa 1993 (4:43)
11. This Love (feat. Dionne) (4:35)
12. The Black Spiderman (4:38)
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Dave Brubeck Quartet featuring Paul Desmond: Buried Treasures (1998)

David Warren "Dave" Brubeck (born December 6, 1920) is an American jazz pianist. He has written a number of jazz standards, including "In Your Own Sweet Way" and "The Duke". Brubeck's style ranges from refined to bombastic, reflecting his mother's attempts at classical training and his improvisational skills. His music is known for employing unusual time signatures, and superimposing contrasting rhythms, meters, and tonalities.
His long-time musical partner, alto saxophonist Paul Desmond, wrote the Dave Brubeck Quartet's best remembered piece, "Take Five", which is in 5/4 time and has endured as a jazz classic. Brubeck experimented with time signatures throughout his career, recording "Pick Up Sticks" in 6/4, "Unsquare Dance" in 7/4, and "Blue Rondo la Turk" in 9/8. He is also a respected composer of orchestral and sacred music, and wrote soundtracks for television such as Mr. Broadway and the animated mini-series This Is America, Charlie Brown.
2.Mr. Broadway
3.Koto Song
4.Sweet Georgia Brown 38
5.Forty Days
6.You Got to My Head
7.Take Five
8.St. Louis Blues
Dave Brubeck: piano
Paul Desmond: alto sax
Joe Morello: drums
Gene Wright: bass
Buried Treasures - Recorded Live in Mexico City
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Friday, August 5, 2011

Lora Szafran: Lonesome Dancer (1989)

Performed by: Lora Szafran - vocal; Wojciech Niedziela - piano; Jacek Niedziela - bass; Piotr Wojtasik - trumpet; Adam Czerwinski - drums // Recorded: May - June 1989, Polskie Nagrania Studio, Warsaw, Poland // About: Lora Szafran graduated from the Department of Jazz and Pop Music in Katowice in 1986 and since then she has been considered one of the leading jazz vocalists in Poland. Still as a student, she cooperated with Walk Away, one of the most popular jazz bands in Poland. In 1984 she won first place at the International Competition of Jazz Vocalists in Zamosc. Since 1988 she has cooperated with one of the best acoustic jazz collaborations- New Presentation. She recorded two albums with the group: Lonesome Dancer (recognized as the jazz album of the year 1989) and You've Changed (1993). Lora Szafran's singing performance is not related to jazz only. During her career she has frequently took part in international festivals, she won Grand Prix and Bursztynowy Slowik (Amber Nightingale) at Sopot '90, Bregenea-Austria '90, Cesme-Turkey 91. She accomplished two pop albums: "W Gore Slowa" (1991) and "Tylko Chopin" (1994). The vocalist recently has cooperated with Wlodzimierz Nahorny, which resulted in releasing the album "Spiewnik Nahornego". Wojciech Niedziela is a jazz pianist, and composer; graduated from the Karol Szymanowski Academy of Musci in Katowice where he attended the class of piano led by prof. A. Zubek. Since 1991 he has been connected with the Jazz Institute (Composition, Interpretation, Education and Jazz Deaprtment) at first as an assistant, at present as a senior assistant leading the class of Jazz Piano and the Jazz Harmony. Mr Niedziela has accomplished about 30 CD records with such performers as: J. Pt. Wroblewski, P. Wojtasik, E. Kulm, M. Kulenty, L. Szafran. He also made 4 records on his own, from which To Kiss the Ivories brought him 2 nominations to the Fryderyki Prize for the year 2000. Wojciech Niedziela is a laureate of many national and international competitions. He was also twice awarded the Stanislaw Wyspianski Young Artists Prize. Mr Niedziela has performed in famous jazz clubs (Montmartre, New Morning, A-Trane, Birdland) in Europe and USA; cooperated with leading artists of the international jazz scene such as: D. Liebman, M. Mainieri, D. Friedman, E. Henderson, B. Mollenhoff. His alumni include M. Tokaj, P.Wylezol, P. Wrombel, M. Wasilewski, P. Raminiak.
01. Summertime (5:13)
02. Sweet Love To Keep (3:49)
03. New York Lament (4:38)
04. 'Round Midnight (5:15)
05. My Funny Valentine (3:45)
06. Lonesome Dancer (5:07)
07. Kiss Me Right (3:35)
08. Sleep Safe And Warm (4:39)
09. A Melancholy Prayer (5:12)
Lonesome Dancer (Polish Jazz vol.76)
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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Patti Austin: Street of Dreams (1999)

Street of Dreams was designed as a project for Patti Austin to sing her favorite songs, regardless of genre. True, there are a couple of later songs here, usually including two co-written by Vaneese Thomas, but the heart of the album is in interpretations of "The Look of Love," "Street of Dreams," "Someone to Watch Over Me," "'Till There Was You," "I Only Have Eyes for You," "For Once in My Life," and "IGY (What a Beautiful World)." Although the arrangements can get a little too clean and synthesized (much of the album sounds as if it was recorded with DX-7s), Austin is in terrific form throughout, breathing life into songs that have been recorded numerous times. It's a fine latter-day effort from a fine singer. - AMG
01. The Look Of Love (5:10)
02. Street Of Dreams (2:43)
03. A Candle (3:40)
04. Someone To Watch Over Me (3:27)
05. 'Til There Was You (4:27)
06. Rain, Rain, Rain (4:44)
07. I Only Have Eyes For You (3:54)
08. For Once In My Life (3:36)
09. I.G.Y. (What A Beautiful World) (5:33)
10. Calling You (5:41)
11. Waiting For You (3:47)
12. Look What You've Done To Me (5:27)
Street of Dreams
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Down to the Bone: Main Ingredients (2011)

This premier funk jazz unit has solidified its undisputed place as the true merchants of groove. Masterminded by writer/ producer Steward Wade, DTTB has churned out hit after head bobbin hit, not only capturing the attention of radio with its thick, throbbing funk but has also established itself as one of the most in demand touring bands in the world. The Main Ingredients takes the band into double digit territory marking their 10th release and one that takes the band back to its original roots with 10 tracks still steeped in groove but with a heavy dose of 21st century glaze. There is still plenty of meat on the bone here with tracks like Uptown Hustle and Second Nature that will find welcome satisfaction among their minions along with a heaping helping of non-signature flavors like the sides Watch Me Fly co-written by label mate Oli Silk and the Band New Heavies inspired Closer, both featuring vocals from Imani. All in all a funk/ groove feast sure to invigorate the taste buds of all who crave music that makes you move. The Main Ingredients has, as the title suggests, the base ingredients that got the band from Wade s early concept to the massive success it is today yet purposefully sprinkled with some surprise spices to keep the sides interesting, funky and on the edge. - Amazon
01. Uptown Hustle (7:17)
02. A Change Has Got to Come (6:41)
03. Second Nature (5:52)
04. Music Is the Key (5:30)
05. Watch Me Fly (5:17)
06. Together We Stand (6:10)
07. A Universal Vibe (6:23)
08. South Side Overdrive (5:52)
09. Closer (7:02)
10. Cut and Run (7:06)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Embryo: Rocksession (1973)

This outstanding German band plays a trippy jazz rock like no one else. "Rockession" is a very technical, achieved effort which develops long instrumental, groovy, syncopated tunes with an enormous feeling. This album can easily be a real revelation for every jazz rock lovers.
01. A Place to Go
02. Entrances
03. Warm canto
04. Dirge

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Chuck Loeb: Plain N' Simple (2011)

2011 album from the Jazz guitarist. The music is swinging, funky, lush and exciting from note one, and stays that way to the very last drop. Chuck's fans will find the excellence in playing, sound, and production that they have come to expect from him, as well experiencing a side of the artist that they may have never heard before.
01. D.I.G. (Deep Inner Groove) 6:19
02. Organeleptic 4:25
03. Red Suede Shoes 8:12
04. The Blues App 5:54
05. Plain N' Simple 7:02
06. E Com Esse Que Vou Eu 4:51
07. You Got It 4:43
08. Skylark (For Tweety) 5:19
09. Bebop Betty 4:55
10. Annie's Song 6:35
11. It's About You 5:27
12. The Hello 6:38
Plain N' Simple
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Terri Lyne Carington: The Mosaic Project (2011)

Anyone who caught American drummer Terri Lyne Carrington's performance at the recent Barbican show featuring Dianne Reeves, Angelique Kidjo and Lizz Wright will want to check out this star-packed session. Like the Barbican gig, its focus is women's jazz-making. Here, however, there is a much bigger cast, including Reeves, pianist Geri Allen, Cassandra Wilson, Esperanza Spalding, Gretchen Parlato, Nona Hendryx, saxist Tineke Postma and more. It has a unifying historical and social agenda – but it's a discreet one, and the music is certainly the priority. Hendryx's anthemic Transformation opens the show, with the composer's soulful declarations warmly shaded by Ingrid Jensen's flugelhorn. Parlato's diametrically different and resonantly intimate accounts of I Got Lost in His Arms and the Beatles' Michelle follow. Reeves's rich, gospelly sound rises up over an old Angela Davis speech on the legacy of slavery; Wilson's earthy low tones ease through Allen's Unconditional Love; Jensen and Postma whirl through the postbop swinger Insomniac; and the bonus track Sisters on the Rise makes a slightly tokenistic nod towards hip-hop. This is, by definition, song-rooted and quite pop-angled jazz, but full of eager spontaneity.
1. Transformation
2. I Got Lost In His Arms
3. Michelle
4. Magic And Music
5. Echo
6. Simply Beautiful
7. Unconditional Love
8. Wistful
9. Crayola
10. Soul Talk
11. Mosaic Triad
12. Insomniac
13. Show Me A Sign
14. Sisters On The Rise (A Transformation)
The Mosaic Project
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