Thursday, June 23, 2011

Shakatak: Street Level (1993)

This is some of this under-appreciated band's best work. It is similar to the 'Perfect Smile' and 'Open Your Eyes' releases, but with smoother vocals and a more upbeat feel. I have most of Shakatak's albums (which was a task due to their lack of exposure in the U.S.) and this is probably my favorite. If you're into the smooth-jazz scene, this one is for you. You'll find yourself tapping your toes to this one. If you want a taste of their best work, get this and 'Coolest Cuts.' Those two will whet your appetite. (
1 One Day At A Time
2 Street Level
3 Sleepin' Alone
4 Siberian Breeze
5 Any Way You Want It
6 Night Ain't Over Yet
7 Watchin' The Rain
8 Without You
9 Jump 'n' Pump
10 Empty Skies
11 Calm Before The Storm
12 Vibe Tribe
Backing Vocals - Tracy Ackerman
Bass - George Anderson
Drums - Roger Odell
Engineer - Robin Sellars
Executive Producer - Les McCutcheon
Flute, Saxophone - Phil Todd
Guitar - Fridrik Karlsson , Keith Winter
Keyboards - Bill Sharpe
Percussion - Luis Jardim
Producer - Nigel Wright
Vocals - Jill Saward
Written-By - William Sharpe (tracks: 1 to 3, 7 to 12) , George Anderson (tracks: 4 to 6) , Jill Saward (tracks: 4 to 6, 11) , Roger Odell (tracks: 1, 3, 7, 8, 10)
Street Level
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Anthony Wilson: ST (1997)

Anthony Wilson

This was a very impressive debut by guitarist Anthony Wilson, the son of veteran bandleader Gerald Wilson. Anthony, who had won the Thelonious Monk competition for best composition ("Karaoke," which is included on this set), is a fine bop-based guitarist who is a particularly inventive composer/arranger. Seven of the ten selections on this disc are his, as are all of the arrangements other than Lucky Thompson's "The Parisian Knights," which was transcribed by Wilson from the original record. His charts utilize such top L.A.-based players as trumpeter Carl Saunders, trombonist Ira Nepus, Louis Taylor on various reeds, tenorman Pete Christlieb, baritonist Jack Nimitz, pianist Brad Mehldau, bassist Danton Boller and drummer Willie Jones III. Bennie Wallace takes a guest tenor solo on "Southern Gentleman." The solo stars are Christlieb, Saunders and Wilson, and overall, this is a highly enjoyable effort, a strong start to Anthony Wilson's career.
1. Fargas Shuffle
2. The Parisian Knights
3. Karaoke
4. Leila
5. The New Fawn-Do!
6. Southern Gentleman
7. Pachinko
8. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
9. Monsignor
10. Remington Ride
Anthony Wilson
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Kyle Eastwood: Songs From The Chateau (2011)

Songs From The Chateau
Initially studying film, Kyle soon realized that jazz was his true passion. After years of paying his dues gigging around Los Angeles and New York, his debut album From Here to There was released on Sony in 1998.
Showing his ability as an accomplished composer, Kyle began working in film with a contribution to the score for Mystic River. The film later won two Academy Awards.
 In 2004, Kyle signed to Candid Records, one of the leading independent jazz labels in the UK, and released his second album Paris Blue. It resonates with swing, groove, and funk overtones. Kyle says, "My roots remain in jazz but I like adding all kinds of different flavors." The album climbed to No. 1 on the French Jazz charts.
Not satisfied with just a critically acclaimed record, Kyle expanded his film work , composing three pieces of music for the 2004 blockbuster Million Dollar Baby. The film won four Academy Awards.
Kyle's third album Now was released in 2006. It features songs written by Ben Cullum and collaborations with BBC Jazz Award winner pianist Andrew McCormack, as well as other musicians that make up the who's who of the London jazz scene. With tracks ranging from the post-modern jazz modalities of the title track, through the flirtatious melodies of "Let's Play" to the moody electronic groove of "September Nights," Now captured listeners worldwide.
In 2007 and 2008, Kyle delivered Now to live audiences on 3 continents. His performances with his live band have sold out venues and received the highest critical acclaim. Kyle has also managed to fit in composing soundtracks for a number of Clint Eastwood films including Flags Of Our Fathers, Letters from Iwo Jima  Gran Torino and Invictus.
Kyle Eastwood's latest record, Metropolitain, was released in June 2009 in the US. It was recorded in Paris and includes collaborations with some of the artists he admires most on the current scene: drummer Manu Katche, trumpeter Till Bronner, French star vocalist Camille and pianist Eric Legnini.
 Co-produced by Erin Davis (son of Miles) and Kyle's long term writing partner Michael Stevens, the album captured the attention of the jazz world with its forward thinking style and the gathering of some of the cream of today's jazz musicians.
When he is not on tour, Kyle spends much of his time between Paris and Los Angeles and is very much at home in France, so it was natural to look there for an ideal place where he and his musicians could relax for a few days and allow their creative juices to flow.  Such a place turned out to be the fabulous 15th Century Couronneau in Ligueux, deep in classic Bordeaux country, and Songs From The Chateau was born.  To capture the authentic sound of the all star band Kyle has on display, producer Crofton Orr and the engineering of Simone Griva were enlisted.  Also on board was long time collaborator Michael Stevens (co-writer with Kyle on the scores for films including Changeling and Gran Torino).
The record itself contains more than a casual nod towards France, Kyle’s second country.  The opener Marciac, scene of the famous jazz festival where Kyle played in 2010, gets the programme underway in  impressive fashion as drummer Martyn Kaine ushers in authoritative and fluent solo contributions from the two Graemes (Flowers and Blevins, on trumpet and saxophone, respectively), whilst the admirably atmospheric Moon Over Couronneau shows off the impressive talents of pianist Andrew McCormack.  This is in turn underpinned by Kyle himself, who then comes to the fore on Aperitif – a sharpener that goes down very smoothly, in the best sense of the word.
Around Kyle, the band is tight through the album, and inventive highlights abound.  The vivacious and aptly named Café Calypso sees Blevins getting deeply into the Caribbean grooves with his jaunty and spirited saxophone.  The reflective tone of Soul Captain has some tasty McCormack piano complemented by Blevins’ soprano.  Andalucía is descriptive, enhanced by Kyle’s virtuostic solo and hypnotic bass figure, permeated by the haunting trumpet of Graeme Flowers.
Flowers’ flugelhorn and Kyle’s stylish bass lead again on Over The Line while the album finishes with a fond reminiscence of you-know-who, Down At Ronnie’s.  The band confidently struts its stuff with a highly charged dialogue between the horns, bringing to a close what may well be the best of Eastwood’s albums to date.
“At home we had music all the time.  My father always made sure I listened to jazz.  He took me to the Monterey Jazz Festival every year.  What was really great was that being the son of Clint gave me backstage access to all the gigs and I was very fortunate to meet and talk with Sarah Vaughan, Miles Davis and all the legends...”
Kyle Eastwood
A worldwide tour in Japan, Europe and United States will follow the release of the album.
1. Marciac
2. Moon Over Couronneau
3. Cafe Calypso
4. Soul Captain
5. Andalucia
6. Over The Line
7. Tonic
8. Aperitif
9. Down At Ronnie's
Kyle Eastwood: acoustic bass, electric bass
Andrew McCormack: piano, electric piano
Graeme Flowers: trumpet, flugelhorn
Graeme Blevins: soprano saxophone, tenor saxophoneMartyn Kaine: drums

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mike Porcaro: Brotherly Love (2010) [2 CD]

For almost a half century, the name Porcaro has been synonymous with musical greatness. It began with Papa Joe Porcaro, whose roots go back to gigging in Connecticut before transplanting and continuing his music career in Los Angeles. Soon to follow were three amazing prodigies who embraced the Los Angeles music scene in the mid to late 70’s and didn’t let go. Jeff, Mike and Steve Porcaro’s talents transcended their band Toto and touched thousands of recordings that came out of the LA music scene. But their success in the music industry is only a small part of what makes the Porcaro family so special. Having had the good fortune to meet many members of the family, what strikes me most about each and every Porcaro is how upbeat, personable and friendly they are. And although I didn’t have the opportunity to meet Jeff, I get the sense that he was every bit as inviting and open as his parents, brothers and his sister, Joleen. When you consider the loss of Jeff and the impact this had on the world of music and his fans – even to this day - I can’t imagine how this impacted the Porcaro family. We now have come to realize that another Porcaro brother, Mike, is struggling with ALS on a daily basis and has been for a few years. I have no doubt that the spirit of the Porcaro family is stronger than ever and rallying around him. For those of you who know Mike or have had the opportunity to watch him perform with Toto, it only takes a glance at his face while he’s performing to tell you how passionate he is about music. Mike’s groove is so deep-in-the-pocket-tight, but loose enough that his bass parts always seem to blend so nicely with everything Toto lays down. I’ve always likened Mike’s role in Toto to that of George Harrison’s with the Beatles. George was often thought of as the quiet one, but in many ways the ‘glue’ of the band. Like Harrison, Mike didn’t get the spotlight as often as his band mates, but he was always so steady, reliable and rhythmically solid both on albums and during live performances.
With the realization of Mike’s condition, it was such a wonderful surprise to learn about “Brotherly Love” and that Mike spearheaded this project. As mentioned, “Brotherly Love” is a 2 CD set that was recorded live in Germany in 2002 as a tribute to Mike’s brother, Jeff. It features an all-star cast of musicians, including David Garfield, Steve Gadd, Greg Bissonette, Lenny Castro, Glenn Hughes, brother Steve Porcaro and father Joe Porcaro. The songs on this project cover many Porcaro influenced selections, including ones by Toto, Boz Scaggs, Los Lobotomys, Michael Jackson, Al Green, Steely Dan and more. “Brotherly Love” has been released in Japan, but is only available as an import here in the States. There is speculation that it might be available here soon.
I highly recommend this album for anyone who is not only a fan of Mike Porcaro, but for those of you who are a fan of his love and passion for the music he created with so many incredible musicians over the years, including his brothers, Jeff and Steve. The Porcaro spirit runs deep on the appropriately titled “Brotherly Love.”
Disc 1:
1. Rosanna (7:08)
2. Manic Depression (4:43)
3. Georgy Porgy (9:38)
4. Lowdown (8:07)
5. E Minor Shuffle (8:05)
6. English Eyes (7:21)
7. Human Nature (5:24)
8. Straight No Chaser (8:52)
9. Africa (6:52)
10. Let's Stay Together (Bonus Track) (8:37)
Disc 2:
1. Stuffy (1:31)
2. Jeff's Strut (8:06)
3. Babylon Sisters (7:31)
4. Big Bone (7:44)
5. Corbitt Van Brauer (10:43)
Personnel :
Mike Procaro - Bass
David Garfield - Keyboards
Steve Porcaro - Keyboards
Michael O'Neill - Guitar
Lenny Castro - Percussion
Larry Klimas - Sax, Flute
Ralph "Mosch" Himmler - Trumpet
Glenn Hughes - Lead Vocal (1, 2, 10)
Bobby Kimball - Lead Vocal (1, 6, 9, 10)
Alex Ligertwood - Lead Vocal (3, 4, 9, 10)
Steve Gadd - Drums (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15)
Gregg Bissonette - Drums (1, 2, 5, 9, 13, 14)
Robin DiMaggio - Drums (4, 9)
Chase Duddy - Drums (6)
Joe Porcaro - Drums (8), Percussion (9)
John Robinson - Drums (10)
Bernard Purdie - Drums (13)
Doug Bossi - Guitar Solos (1), Additional Guitars (6)
David Paich - Piano (9), Additional Vocals (9)
Joseph Williams -. BG Vocals (6, 9)
Brotherly Love
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Michael Franks: Time Together (2011)

2011 album from the Jazz vocalist. Produced by the likes of Gil Goldstein and Chuck Loeb and featuring such legendary musicians as Jerry Marotta, and David Spinoza, Time Together delivers the sensual warmth for which Michael Franks is famous. ~
01. Now That The Summer's Here (5:27)
02. One Day In St. Tropez (5:19)
03. Summer In New York (5:57)
04. Mice (5:26)
05. Charlie Chan In Egypt (5:29)
06. I'd Rather Be Happy Than Right (4:41)
07. Time Together (3:37)
08. Samba Blue (4:45)
09. My Heart Said Wow (2:47)
10. If I Could Make September Stay (5:23)
11. Feathers From An Angel's Wings (8:01)
Time Together
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Global Grooves: On the Move (2011)

GLOBAL GROOVES is a group of talented musicians from Greensboro, NC. Members of this multi-cultural band who have an extensive musical background originally came from Boston, South Africa, New York, Virginia Beach, and North Carolina. Their combined creative ideas result in generating innovative new sounds for music lovers worldwide. Enjoy the new authentic, exciting, energetic, jazz sounds of GLOBAL GROOVES.
Global Grooves just finished recording their debut CD titled, On The Move. While the whole CD has been dubbed by fans as “Fantastic,” Global Grooves has placed many of the fan favorites on this CD to include their public performances hits of “My One & Only,” “Tidal Waves” and “City Groove” just to mention a few. Other popular songs like “Sunday Drive,” “African Jazz Cafe” and "A Song For Rose are also included on their debut CD. This is truly smooth, exciting and energetic jazz all wrapped up and nicely placed on this Global Grooves CD. Featuring riveting heartfelt guitar and sax solos on every track! You're going to love this one. Global Grooves is On The Move!
01. My One And Only [07:57]
02. Tidal Waves [06:45]
03. A Song For Rose [07:14]
04. African Jazz Cafe [06:00]
05. The Mist [08:35]
06. Sunday Drive [06:46]
07. Boogie's Ballad [04:41]
08. On The Move [04:59]
09. Fur Elise [06:45]
10. Springtime [05:29]
11. Break Time [05:08]
12. City Groove [06:51]
J Boogie (Jonathan Link) - Sax
Joseph Lockwood - Bass
The G... (Gerald Little) - Drums
Al May - Lead Guitar
Arla (Arlene Little) - Keyboards
On the Move

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Link Quartet: 4 (2011)

From vintage soul to their own unique brand of funk-jazz-rock, but squeezed into the raw, hyperactive, live-band genius of The Link Quartet. This is modern power-pop combined with R rock sensibility.
After three mind-blowing funk-tastic rock albums and two US tours, The Link Quartet took a break which led organist extraordinaire Paolo 'Apollo' Negri toward two solo albums. They all agreed that The Link Quartet would rise again when the time was right, and that time is now! 4 is the culmination of everything Paolo and Hammondbeat have produced in the last few years, from vintage soul to their own unique brand of funk-jazz-rock, but squeezed into the raw, hyperactive, live-band genius of The Link Quartet. This is modern power-pop combined with R rock sensibility that separates 'written songs' from 'incomprehensible noise'. French soul lyrics, hard-rock guitar energy, jazz drummer work ethic, body rumbling bass, and blistering organ riffs all come together into a socially conscious 'power to the working man' party.
01. Vertical Floor [03:40]
02. Snake Eyes [03:34]
03. Day Tripper [02:36]
04. Drummore [03:28]
05. Je Reve Dans Mon Reve [03:38]
06. Mooglight Serenade [03:09]
07. Fast Girls & Sexy Cars [03:34]
08. Je Suis Passee [02:54]
09. Hair Of The Dog [02:53]
10. Dancing 'round The Walnut Tree [04:09]
11. Noir Le Blanc [03:21]
12. Big Peach [08:18]
Paolo "Apollo" Negri - Hammond Organ
Renzo Bassi - Bass Guitar
Marco "Majo" Murtas - Guitar
Alberto "Pato" Maffi - Drums
Arnaldo Dodici - Voice & Guitar and Dance
The Guests:
Tameca Jones (vocals #3)
Simon Rigot (sitar #12)
The Hellfire Horns (trumpet, saxophone, & trombone)
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bill Evans: Vans Joint (2010)

Bill Evans (born 1958 in Clarendon Hills, Illinois) is an American jazz saxophonist. He has recorded over 17 solo CD's and received 2 Grammy Award nominations. He recorded live an award-winning CD called "Vans Joint" in 2008, where he performs big band arrangements of his own classic compositions backed by the powerhouse WDR Big Band Cologne and a dream rhythm section of electric bassist Mark Egan and drummer extraordinaire Dave Weckl.
1. Soulgrass [10:46]
2. Soulbop [06:07]
3. Cool Eddie [10:08]
4. Sweet Tea [09:56]
5. Rattletrap [07:36]
6. Let's Pretend [09:56]
7. Van's Joint [07:53]
8. Snap Dragon [08:31]
Total time 01:10:53
All music composed by Bil Evans.
Arranged and conducted by Michael Abene.
Recorded live in Dusserdolf, February 28, 2008, and Cologne, February 29, 2008.
Bill Evans - tenor saxophone & soprano saxophone
Dave Weckl - drums
Mark Egan - bass
Frank Chastenier - keyboards
Andy Haderer - trumpet
Wim Both - trumpet
Rob Bruynen - trumpet
John Marshall - trumpet
Klaus Osterloh - trumpet
Ludwig Nuss - trombone, euphonium
Dave Horler - trombone, euphoniumBernt Laukamp - trombone, euphonium
Mattis Cederberg - bass trombone, euphonium
Heiner Wiberny - alto saxophone, flute & clarinet
Karolina Strassmayer - alto saxophone, flute & clarinet
Olivier Peters - tenor saxophone, flute & clarinet
Paul Heller - tenor saxophone, flute & clarinet
Jens Neufang - baritone saxophone, flute & clarinet
Vans Joint
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Marcus Miller: Tutu Revisited (feat. Christian Scott) [Live] (2011) [2 CD]

Whenever I think of Marcus - my all-time music hero - I always get in a sentimental mood. I always feel like I am walking, drifting in an endless dream that has no heavenly destination because the musical journey that he takes you on is paradise itself! And Tutu Revisited is a magical carpet ride of a journey. Whilst many musicians are trying to revisit classical musical eras of yesteryears and failing miserably, Marcus - as always - succeeds and excels. He makes old music sound brand new. Like you have never heard it before. He always manages to deliver killer funky riffs and the finest example of this is "Splatch" probably the funkiest track on the album. Marcus also delves into a bit of reggae vibe with "Don't Lose Your Mind" proving once again that he has the midas touch and can do just about anything musically. But the ultimate track on this album is the best ever and finest ever rendition of an ageless classic "In A Sentimental Mood" and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It is so beautiful, it is like a dream within a dream. Marcus isn't just a bass guitarist, he is a bass clarinetist and he gives one of his finest performances on this rarely heard and used instrument. In my opinion, it should be heard more often! Marcus's bass clarinet is perfectly complimented with a superb performance from a young alto saxophonist Alex Han - who is most definitely one to watch out for! Thanks Marcus for this latest offering of paradise. It is worth every golden coin I have hiding in my treasure chest!
CD 1:
1. Tomaas (12:13)
2. Backyard Ritual (8:58)
3. Splatch (14:25)
4. Portia (9:20)
5. Jean-Pierre (13:23)
6. Aida ( 6:18)
7. In a Sentimental Mood (9:14)
CD 2:
1. Hannibal (11:28)
2. Don't Lose Your Mind (18:33)
3. Tutu (11:25)
4. Full Nelson / Perfect Way (8:15)
5. Human Nature / So What (13:40)

Clinton Forston: Zero 2 Sixty (2011)

Tasty melodies combine with subsonic basslines, "lockdown" rhythms, and a spattering of classical orchestration to make your daily drive a true experience. Truly impossible to keep your head from moving back and forth!
01. Adverse Axeshun (feat. Brandon Reese) (3:35)
02. Let's Relax Tonight (4:02)
03. All for You (3:50)
04. Zero to Sixty (4:27)
05. Just Thinking (3:58)
06. Justice of the "Piece" (4:43)
07. The North Forty (4:26)
08. Just Kidding (4:17)
09. My Head Hz (4:03)
10. Uh! Ohhh! (3:49)
11. In My Embrace (4:54)
12. Midnight Stroll (5:01)
Zero 2 Sixty
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Tolga During: Old Stuff (2011)

Tolga was born in Istanbul in 1977 but grew up on a small island in the north of Holland. His mother is Turkish and his father Dutch (from Holland). When he was eight years old, he discovered his father's old flamenco guitar and atempted to play it. His father, son of a famous dutch violin player, brought him to a music school and told the teacher that he was to teach him classical music only.
After some years, he bought an electric guitar and started gigging with local rock bands. This was more fun, but the music was stil not what he was looking for. At age eighteen he moved to Amsterdam where he discovered Jazz and the art of improvisation. He also discovered that he needed to study. For several years he closed himself in his room with just his guitar and the CD's of his favorite players. He took lessons from time to time, but is mainly autodidact.
His first CD 'Bohemia' (1999), was a big success, opening doors to many national and international festivals. Since then, he has played at some of the most prestigious festivals like the Montreux Jazz festival in Switzerland, and did numerous of concerts for radio and television.
He got many invitations to play in Italy, and in the spring of 2005, he decided to move there alltogether. He is now living with his girlfriend and son in the mountains between Bologna and Florence.
In the meantime he kept developing the music, and has just finished the seventh personal album 'Point Of View'. On this CD, he is experimenting with a new instrument built specially for him by Dutch luthier Ger Boonstra; an acoustic double neck guitar, of witch one of the necks is fretless.
The music written and performed by the Tolga Trio has been used for movies, radio and television programmes and documentaries around the world.
1. La Penombra 4:18
2. Coquette 4:29
3. Montagne St. Genevie?ve 2:18
4. Chega De Saudade (feat. Magda Mendes - Vocals) 3:28
5. Minor Swing (feat. Marcin Wright) 4:30
6. Le Mysterieux Mangeur Des Boulettes 2:50
7. Dark Eyes 2:31
8. I’m In The Mood For Love 6:34
9. Joao’s Tiger 3:47
10. Dolores 3:40
11. Maddy 4:17
12. Nesrin 4:38
Tolga During - guitar
Lorenzo Lucci - guitar
Andrea Lamacchia - bass
Magda Mendes - vocals
Marcin Wright - clarinet
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Friday, June 10, 2011

The Organ Trio: Ice Cream Girl (1997)

Oscar Marchioni was born in Conegliano in the province of Treviso, Italy July 11, 1970. At 10, he discovered a small organ in the Eko brand that triggers in him a true revelation. He first made his training by himself before passing it on piano studies at the Conservatory of Trieste Giuseppe Borin. At 14, he discovered jazz and began to participate in many local jam sessions. He gave his first concerts with jazz bands, pop and blues-rock.
He obtained scholarships that enable it to participate in seminars Jazz Castelfranco and Siena with some musicians from the Italian scene and New York's most renowned as Stefano Battaglia, Paolo Fresu, Harold Danko, Elliot Zigmund and Mark Egan. Increasingly attracted to the organ, in 1996 he founded the group "The Organ Trio with saxophonist and clarinetist exceptional Bearzatti Francesco Veronese and drummer Orestes Soldano. They recorded their first album on which he uses for the first time a Hammond C-3.
After graduating from the Conservatory of Trieste in 1997, he continued until 2004, an incredible number of concerts in clubs, jazz festivals and on television both in Italy and abroad with various musicians such as Saxophonist Lou Marini (Blues Brother's Band), guitarists Ed Cherry (Dizzy Gillespie's quintet) and Bruce Forman, etc..
He moved to Paris in 2005 and developed his own musical project in collaboration with various artists with whom he performed at clubs in the capital and in various festivals. With a particular inclination for music of the 60s', he founded with singer KICC group "KICC & Intrigo" with which it occurs regularly in France and abroad. Meanwhile, he leads his personal project. In 2007, his meeting with Stefan Patry allows him to record several of his compositions in what will be his first album in his own name: "Croccodile - Hammond Grooves," with the saxophonist Francesco Bearzatti, guitarist Herve Samb, drummer Italian Paolo Mappa, the Brazilian percussionist Edmundo Carneiro KICC and vocals. It then registers with her under the symbol '& KICC Intrigo "album" Shhchh "distributed by Universal in June 2009.
1 Minnie's Blues 07:21
2 Ice Cream Girl 05:06
3 Estrellas 03:59
4 San Sebastian 04:34
5 Good For The Soul 07:21
6 Soul Message 07:16
7 Calimocho 07:02
8 Silver Time 06:53
9 Barcola 04:27
Francesco Bearzatti (ts)
Oscar Marchioni (Hammond C3)
Oreste Soldano (ds)
Walter Civettini (tp,flh) on #1,3,4,7,8,9
Luca Boscagin (g) on #1,3,4,7,8,9
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Jeremy Pelt: Talented Mr. Pelt (2011)

Trumpeter Jeremy Pelt has established himself as one of the go-to musicians on trumpet and flugelhorn in the modern mainstream jazz scene. His yearly albums from the High Note label are postcards of classy hard bop played with great facility and style. On this album he is accompanied by J.D. Allen  on tenor saxophone, Danny Grissett  on piano, Dwayne Burno  on bass and Gerald Cleaver  on drums. They take off at a medium tempo on the opening “Pandora's Box" echoing the classic Blue Note Records sound of the 1960's (not surprising since this album was recorded by the legendary Rudy Van Gelder) taking round-robin solos that are immaculately played. Gerald Cleaver makes his presence felt on a couple of the albums finest tracks. First “Paradise Lost" has his strong drumming urging along a mid-tempo groove, and interacting with the trumpet and saxophone in a very dynamic way. On the album's fast paced finale, “David and Goliath," he again proves his mettle establishing an excellent pocket with Bruno for a strong and lightning fast hard bop improvisation. The band tackles ballad material in a subtle and mannered fashion, as on “In Love Again" where spare piano and subtle muted brass conjure a lonely, romantic vibe. Breathy trumpet that is slow and patient glides through the ballad “All My Thoughts Are of You." This is a solid and well played slice of modern hard bop, which mainstream jazz fans will find quite accessible and entertaining. The band plays with panache and a thoughtful energy that makes for a successful recording.
01 Pandora's box
02 All my thoughts are of you
03 Paradise lost
04 When the time is right 05 Pulse
06 In love again
07 Only
08 David and Goliath
Jermey Pelt Trumpet
J.D. Allen Saxophone
Danny Grissett Piano
Dwayne Burno Bass
Gerald Cleaver Drums
Talented Mr. Pelt
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Equilibrium: Walking Voices (2011)

Second release by the young European trio features astonishing vocal effects, guitar atmospherics, and reed playing in a program of ravishing compositions and improvised soundscapes. Synthesizes elements of jazz, folk/world, classical, minimalism, and the avant-garde in a fresh, unique way that has garnered great press on both sides of the Atlantic.
1. Addicted To Changes 7:08
2. Silverise 5:53
3. Eclasticity 4:47
4. Lonely House 1:30
5. Chagan 4:12
6. Stolon 1:13
7. Running Through Fields Theme 3:15
8. Wolkenregen 6:10
9. Whitless 3:10
10. A Word 3:43
11. Walking Voices 6:35
12. Singletrees 2:13
13. Follow 1:30
14. Three Fragments For Equilibrium 2:12
15. Sires 4:35
Walking Voices
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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Scherzoo: 01 (2011)

Scherzoo is F. Thollot's 3rd CD, with a new band, featuring Anthony Bard (bass), Franois Mignot (guitar), Jeremy Van Quackebeke (piano), Guillaume Lagache (sax alto) & Franois Thollot (drums). This is his most accomplished effort so far, the band plays tight & the music is an unlikely fusion of Zeuhl & mid/late period of Soft Machine. 6 tracks (including a 19 minutes re-written version of "Voyage au bout de la nuit" which was part of Thollot's first CD in 2002, then recorded alone as a multi instrumentist).
01 Enilek
02 Douz
03 L'an 01
04 Beba
05 Ceux d'en Face
06 Voyage au Bout de la Nuit
Anthony Beard — bass
Francois Mignot — guitar
Jeremy Van Quackebeke — piano
Guillaume Lagache — alto saxophone
Francois Thollot — drums
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Monday, June 6, 2011

Pitch Pine Project: Unprecedented Clarity (2008)

Following a great gig with Randy Brecker in June 2006, the Pitch Pine Project invited the trumpet legend to be the featured soloist on the band's second outing UNPRECEDENTED CLARITY, distributed and marketed by CHALLENGE RECORDS in 2008. The second album was very well received in Germany, and displays the band's maturity, grace and playfullness.
01. Unprecedented Clarity (5:50)
02. Ing (4:55)
03. Brassica (5:01)
04. Noez (5:38)
05. Floris (4:15)
06. Vacuum (2:10)
07. Currency (5:22)
08. Bombay Bar (4:44)
09. Eat the Beat (5:21)
10. Birds with Blue Feathers (3:10)
11. Little Suite for R.M. (8:34)
Martijn Van Iterson: Guitar
Tom Beek: Bass Clarinet,Saxophone
Randy Brecker: Trumpet,Flugelhorn
Rob Van Bavel: Piano,Fender Rhodes Piano,Synthesizer
Udo Pannekeet: Bass
Chris Strik: Drums
Unprecedented Clarity
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Friday, June 3, 2011

Oriental Express: Vision of the Road (2009)

Oriental Express is a new breed of fusion music group blending various genres including Korean classical music, jazz and music technology. Oriental Express was formed on 2004 with Youngjun Choi (Prof. of Seoul Institute of the Arts), drummer Hyounjong Kim (Prof. of Yeoju Institute of Technology), bass player Hyunmo Kim as main members. Choi is the leader of the group, responsible for composing and playing the keyboard. As gayageum player Kyungso Park , and haegeum player Jiyoon Chun joined on 2005, the current lineup of the group has been established.
The music of Oriental Express harmonized with Korean classical instruments and western-style modern music instruments cannot be simply condensed into a sentence definition in a way that ‘It is Korean traditional music.’ or ‘This is jazz.’ It can be defined only as Oriental Express Music. This is a new breed of sound created by the harmonious spirit of each players.
01. Vision Of The Road
02. Night Flight
03. Anabolic
04. One Day Trip
05. Morning Coffee
06. New Romance
07. Sunshine Bay
08. V
09. Good Morning
10. Morning Coffee
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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eliane Elias: Light My Fire (2011)

Since the mid-1980s, pianist/vocalist Eliane Elias has grafted various elements of jazz, pop, soul and other styles to her deep Brazilian roots to create a hybrid groove that exists comfortably on any hemisphere. Borrowing from an array of sources and singing in a variety of languages, Elias consistently forges a sound that appeals to listeners of every geographic locale and cultural persuasion. Her new album, Light My Fire - wields this universal sound to explore the various corners of the human heart - from romance and passion to the shared joy of being alive and embracing everyone into the dance of life. Along with four compositions written or co-written by Elias herself, the album also includes covers of familiar works by songwriters as diverse as Jim Morrison and the Doors, pop icon Stevie Wonder and jazz saxophonist Paul Desmond. Elias weaves it all together into a cohesive whole by injecting each of the twelve songs with distinctly Brazilian grooves that alternate effortlessly between the fiery and passionate to the cool and sophisticated.
"Some of the tunes are cool and laid back, but others are quite rhythmic and joyful," says Elias. "And they have some different grooves. I tend to gravitate toward romance - beautiful melodies, beautiful harmonies and rhythms with a great feel. But more than anything else, I'm singing about love on this record in its different aspects and dimensions. I've made more than 20 records in my career. I'm proud of all of them, but I'm especially excited about this one. It feels like it has a life and an energy all its own. With very few exceptions, nearly all of the songs were first takes. Everybody in the studio was so focused, and it was such a fun record to make. The music was really flowing, and we all felt very relaxed. From the very first day, not a note was wasted by anyone. It was an amazing experience."
Backing Elias on Light My Fire is a crew of twelve high-caliber players, including special guests guitarist/vocalist Gilberto Gil and trumpeter Randy Brecker. The rhythm section - which has accompanied Elias on several of her most recent recordings - includes guitarist Oscar Castro-Neves, bassist Marc Johnson and drummer Paulo Braga. Also on hand to sing with Elias and Gil on "Toda Menina Baiana" is Elias' daughter, singer-songwriter Amanda Brecker. New to Elias' team is percussionist Marivaldo dos Santos, drummer Rafael Barata, guitarists Romero Lubambo and Ross Traut, and flutist Lawrence Feldman.
1. Rosa Morena (04:18)
2. Stay Cool (04:03)
3. Aquele Abrao (05:19)
4. Light My Fire (05:39)
5. Isto Aqui O Que (Silver Sandal) (04:00)
6. My Cherie Amour (04:31)
7. Toda Menina Baiana (04:24)
8. Bananeira (03:28)
9. Made In Moonlight (05:12)
10. Turn To Me (Samba Maracat) (03:40)
11. Take Five (05:13)
12. What About The Heart (Bate Bate) (04:47)
Light My Fire
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Bobby Knight's Great American Trombone Co.: Cream Of The Crop (1996)

GATC’s Cream of the Crop was recorded live June 17 & 18, 1978 at Donte’s in North Hollywood, California with “Bones” Howe as the engineer.This is the only album on which Fontana and Rosolino appeared together, and is Rosolino’s last jazz album before his untimely death in the fall of 1978. It has become a standard for jazz lovers, especially trombonists. Highly recommended.
Trombone – Carl Fontana, Charlie Loper, Frank Rosolino, Lew McCreary
Trombone (Bass) – Phil Teele
Trombone (Bass) – Bobby Knight
Piano – Lou Levy
Bass – Chuck Berghofer
Drums – Frankie Capp
1. Rebel Rouser
2. Li'l Bit
3. I Got Rhythm
4. When I Fall In Love
5. Rock Bottom
6. Strike Up The Band
7. Here's That Rainy Day Bobby Knight HERES THAT RAINY DAY Lyrics
8. Recuerdos
9. Life's Too Long
10. Lover Man
11. Star Wars
Cream of the Crop
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Patti Austin: Sound Advice (2011)

2011 album from the Jazz vocalist. Sound Advice is a concept that Patti feels very deeply, and it shows in her music. Together with the brilliant keyboards and producer Greg Phillinganes, Patti takes on some of your all-time favorite classics and does them in ways that you never could imagine.
01 - You Gotta Be
02 - By The Grace Of God
03 - Round And Round
04 - You Can't Always Get What You Want
05 - Let 'Em In
06 - Gotta Serve Somebody
07 - Vincent
08 - A Little Bit Of Love
09 - Lean On Me
10 - Give It Up
11 - My Way
12 - Enjoy The Silence
Sound Advice
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

CAB: Live On Sunset (2011)

The newest CAB CD recorded live November 14, 2010 at SIR in Hollywood featuring bassist Bunny Brunel, guitarist Tony MacAlpine, drummer Virgil Donati and keyboardist Dennis Hamm. Explosive fusion captured on these ten new tracks composed by Bunny or Tony.
1. Atamanashi [10:01]
2. Cloud Ten [06:22]
3. Katputli Cd [04:32]
4. Purple Mars [06:14]
5. One For The Road [07:09]
6. The Quiet One [05:28]
7. The Pub [06:33]
8. Song For My Friend [06:10]
9. The Prankster [05:24]
10. New Blues [06:30]
Total time 01:04:23
Live On Sunset
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