Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Apolo Bass: Tierras Lejanas (2011)

Apolo Bass was born in Cameroon in 1965. He started practicing music in 1982 in Colegio Vogt where he became an orchestra Chief. Apolo Bass was during a few months, a bassist guitarist in the national orchestra of Cameroon. He had a privilege of working with many known artists.
Since 1991 in Spain, he studied Jazz in the ITM of Madrid, which is the National institute of bassist (USA). He was one of the students of one of the elite’s professor like Felix Santos. Since 2004, Apolo Bass directs his own music projects. He is assisted by a multicultural band.
This Bassist is one of the most innovative African musicians who bring (besides his music project Jazz Bass Africa) a type of music in which blends the Jazz with a variety of African music and Latin touch of elements. Apolo Bass is consolidating himself as a African Bassist with an emphasis of Jazz and world music.
The cultural side, passion, artistic and dedication interest of this artist are all the factors that got him to get an invitation to perform live in the 2 major’s television sites, TVE1 and TVE2. It is always a feeling of proud to know that his performance is always shown on television and that the people are enjoying it. Apolo Bass has been recognized as one of the 600 most representatives artist of the 5 continents.
Apolo Bass has participated in numerous festivals, by bringing a breath of fresh air wherever he performs, due to his great knowledge of music, to his talented and diverse music team that accompany him on his tours. He performed in many concerts in the whole national territory, and worked with many counties, Caja Madrid, Festivals etc…
Each Apolo Bass concert is an unique event, where each musician gives his best and unique art, making the spectator happy and enjoying the show. Actually, Apolo Bass is working on the promotion of his new album “ Tierras Lejanas”. It is a project where many known artist like Santiago Reyes, “El Padre” which is “The Father” of the Jazz Guitar in Spain.
1. Victory 5:06
2. Madrid Jazz 5:14
3. Etnoblues 5:51
4. Tierras Lejanas 4:39
5. Miracle 4:44
6. Stop Injustice 4:25
7. Chromatic Day 5:15
8. Grand Mere Marcelline 2:02
9. Alice De Bafoussan 2:39
10.All Rhythms Together 3:48
11.Makossando 4:14
12.Yaunde Jazz 2:42
13.Promenade De Lete 2:50
14.Autumn Leaves 5:57
15.Caminando 5:42
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TEQ: Epilogue (2010)

This kind of combination of synthesound and guitar reminds me uncannily of ELP or ELOY. The great combination of all tools in a not so simply structured piece shows that here are the real thing to progress (both in composition and in implementation). My compliments.
01. Yin & Yang
02. Criminal Intent
03. Paul?s Revenge
04. In Between
05. Teq -a- Teq
06. 526
07. Indian Fake
08. Kitchen Emergency
09. Crazy Shice
10. Almost Disappeared
Robert Polikarpov - guitar
Artur Trzmielewski - bass
Paul Liksza - synthesizer
Bernt Kupper - drums
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The Anthony Wilson Trio: Jack of Hearts (2009)

Jack Of Hearts
'Jack of Hearts' isn't the first Anthony Wilson album to feature an organist extensively; for example, he worked with the Los Angeles-based organist Joe Bagg on his 2005 release 'Savivity'. But the guitarist has worked with acoustic pianists more often than organists (at least as of 2009), and 'Jack of Hearts' is unusual in that it finds Wilson not using a pianist at all. On this early 2009 session, Wilson forms an intimate trio with Larry Goldings on organ and Jeff Hamilton or Jim Keltner on drums.
In the '90s and 2000s, Goldings was one of the leading proponents of a post-Jimmy Smith aesthetic on the Hammond B-3. Goldings has been greatly influenced by the late Larry Young, who started out as a Smith disciple but evolved into an innovative, distinctive post-bop/modal player and went down in history as "The John Coltrane of the Organ." Of course, Goldings is not a clone of Young; he is most certainly his own person, but he shares Young's love of post-bop. So it isn't surprising that Goldings does a lot to shape the post-bop perspective that dominates 'Jack of Hearts'. His presence is a major plus on material that was composed by Goldings and/or Wilson, and it is a major plus on memorable arrangements of Coleman Hawkins' "Hawkeyes" and two of Duke Ellington's lesser-known pieces ("Zweet Zursday" and "Carnegie Blues"). The fact that neither of those Ellington tunes is a standard speaks well of Wilson, who is smart enough to realize that one of the joys of the vast Ellington songbook is hearing all of the worthwhile Ellington compositions that didn't become standards. Jack of Hearts is a consistently engaging addition to Wilson's catalog.
Anthony Wilson - elec. guitar
Larry Goldings - hammond B-3 & celeste
Jeff Hamilton or Jim Keltner - drums
1. Mezcal
2. Jack of Hearts
3. Hawkeyes
4. Carnegie Blues
5. Theme from "Chinatown"
6. Vida Perdida Acabou
7. Orange Crate Art
8. Harajuku
9. Zweet Zursday
10. Homecoming
Jack Of Hearts
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Monday, May 30, 2011

Andreas Oberg: Andreas, Ritary & Yorgui (2004)

This brilliant young guitarist hails from Stockholm, Sweden. The Los Angeles Times reports "at 28, he has already mastered everything from bebop to bossa nova, from swing to gypsy and fusion. His playing is at times an astonishing display of virtuosity." Andreas Oberg has impressed listeners around the world with his energy, swing and technique.
1. Coquette 4:08 
2. Move 2:16  
3. Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schon 3:36
4. La Promenade 4:05
5. Blue Drag 2:43  
6. Bossa Andreas 3:16  
7. I Love You 4:32   
8. Miro Latcho Tchavo 4:45  
9. Pent-up House 2:45  
10. Swing For My Son 2:32 
11. Gjango's Waltz 1:50  
12. Blues For Bireli 4:11
Andreas, Ritary & Yorgui
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Euge Groove: S7even Large (2011)

The seventh album from one of the best-selling contemporary jazz artists of the last decade contains his trademark contemporary grooves over a wide-ranging set.
1. Track 01 4:45
2. The Funky Bunch 4:52
3. S7ven Large 5:26
4. Prayer 4 5:29
5. Days Of Soul 6:13
6. Gimme 6 5:02
7. Welcome To The Journey 4:49
8. Love Won't Let Me Wait 5:00
9. To The Nines 4:24
10. Ten 2 Two 6:21
Peter White Guest Appearance, Guitar (Nylon String)
Lee Thornburg Trombone, Trumpet
John Jubu Smith Guitar
Dan Needham Drums
Cornelius Mims Bass
Trevor Lawrence Jr. Drums
Gregg Karukas Orchestra Guest Appearance
Euge Groove Hammond B3, Mixing, Producer, Programming, Saxophone
Jeff Golub Guest Appearance
Tracy Carter Fender Rhodes, Piano
Rick Bruan Guest Appearance, Trumpet
Paul Brown Guest Appearance, Mixing
Ross Bolton Guitar
Seven Large
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Donald Harrison: Heroes (2004)

Donald Harrison played with Roy Haynes, Jack McDuff, Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers and Don Pullen in the 1980s. He also played with the re-formed Headhunters band in the 1990s. In 1991 he recorded "Indian Blues," which captured the sound and culture of Congo Square in a jazz context. In 1994 Harrison created the "Nouveau Swing" style of jazz, which merges the swing beat with many of today's popular dance styles of music, as well as styles that are prominent from his cultural experiences in his hometown.
1. Heroes
2. Blues for the New Millennium
3. My Funny Valentine
4. One of a Kind
5.Double Trouble
6. Receipt Please
7. Candlelight
8. Solar
9.Free Style
10. Iko Iko
11. Straight No Chaser
Donald Harrison - alto sax
Ron Carter - bass
Billy Cobham - drums
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Shakatak: Across the World (2011)

2011 studio album from the British Jazz/Funk/Pop/Fusion band. Shakatak have enjoyed a level of success and career longevity rarely paralleled in contemporary music. Compared as the Rolling Stones of Jazz-Funk, their music just keeps getting better and better. After a number of successful Top 20 singles in the U.K. the band have gone onto secure unprecedented International success which has continued through their career to date with a recent successful tour of Japan. Afterglow is Shakatak's 45th album to date and it sounds like the band have not even reached their prime.
01. Across the World
02. So High
03. Waterfall
04. Love Holds the Key
05. Real Thing
06. Chance of a Lifetime
07. Smile
08. Functional
09. Lovers Hideaway
10. My Heart In 2 Places
11. Blue Dawn
12. Trouble
13. Rise and Fall
Across The World
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Neung Jakkawal: Touch Me (2009)

"Neung Jakkawal Saothongyutitum” is one of Thailand's best pianists and keyboardists, also Music Director, Composer, Arranger and Producer for many Thai artists such as Bird - Thongchai, Masha, Ben Chalatit, Nui Ampol, Da Endorphin, Groove Riders, Thaitanium and etc. He has been in the music industry for over 10 years, gathering experience in Soul, Pop, R&B, Funk and Groove music. He has performed in many Jazz Concerts and International Music Festivals.
“Touch Me”, his second album, reflects his feelings through the songs which truly reveal this talented musician’s heart and soul. Neung Jakkawal composed and arranged all the songs which feature Contemporary Jazz music combined with Soul, Pop, R&B, Latin, Funk and Groove music. There are instrumental and vocal songs both in English and Thai. The Thai songs feature Thailand’s top singers including Jennifer Kim, Neung ETC and Tong Pakkaramai. Many of his friends contributed to this album such as the beautiful saxophone solo by Koh Mr. Saxman in the song “Stay with me tonight”, written and sang by Janice B.Javier who also wrote the lyrics for the song “I wanna Be” as well as chorused in the song “My Boyfriend” sang by Jennifer Kim.
01. Intro [00:36]
02. I Got The Funk [05:56]
03. Groove With You [05:04]
04. Stay With Me Tonight [04:44]
05. Cubana [05:33]
06. Ain't It Funky [06:11]
07. Right Here With Me [05:02]
08. Touch Me [05:33]
09. I Wanna Be [04:54]
10. Rhumba Fiesta [06:24]
11. Deep Into You [04:47]
12. My Boyfriend [04:49]
13. Thai Title [04:10]

Friday, May 27, 2011

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones: Rocket Science (2011)

Bela Fleck is the only musician to be nominated for Grammys® in jazz, bluegrass, pop, country, spoken word, christian, composition and world music categories. His totalcount is 11 Grammys® won, and 27 total nominations. Groundbreaking banjoist/composer/bandleader Bela Fleck has reconvened the original Bela Fleck & The Flecktones, the extraordinary initial line-up of his incredible combo. Rocket Science marks the first recording by the first fab four Flecktones in almost two decades, with pianist/harmonica player Howard Levy back in the fold alongside Fleck, bassist Victor Wooten, and percussionist/ drumitarist Roy Futureman Wooten. Far from being a wistful trip back in time, the album sees the Grammy® Award-winning quartet creating some of the most forward thinking music of their long, storied career. While all manner of genres come into play from classical and jazz to bluegrass and African music to electric blues and Eastern European folk dances the result is an impossible to pigeonhole sound all their own, a meeting of musical minds that remains, as ever, utterly indescribable. Simply put, it is The Flecktones, the music made only when these four individuals come together. I didn t want to just get together to play the old music, Fleck says. That s not what the Flecktones are about. Everybody s full of life and ideas and creativity. I was intrigued by what we could do that we had never done before.
Visionary and vibrant as anything in their already rich canon, Rocket Science feels more like a new beginning than simply the culmination of an early chapter. The band now embarks on an extensive tour, and there s no telling how this new music will further develop in performance. We re going to have to have this experience together and see how everybody likes it, Fleck says. I know that we haven t even come close to exhausting the possibilities with this record, but we sure went deeper than we ever had before.
01. Gravity Lane (6:00)
02. Prickly Pear (3:52)
03. Joyful Spring (2:42)
04. Life In Eleven (5:27)
05. Falling Forward (5:12)
06. Storm Warning (8:00)
07. Like Water (4:44)
08. Earthling Parade (8:00)
09. The Secret Drawer (2:14)
10. Sweet Pomegranates (5:58)
11. Falani (6:53)
12. Bottle Rocket (5:57)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Danny Fox Trio: The One Constant (2011)

The NYC-based Danny Fox Trio plays exciting original music with dynamic group interplay. Almost a mix between a jazz trio, a chamber ensemble, and a rock group, this trio has developed a unique sound that departs from traditional jazz piano format and uses the roles of the instruments creatively. The music draws from eclectic influences: the quirky rhythms of a Thelonious Monk tune, the dark harmonies of Scriabin or ethereal chords of Messiaen, the funkiness of a Motown bassline, or the catchiness of a Beatles tune. The group, which features pianist Danny Fox, bassist Chris van Voorst van Beest, and drummer Max Goldman, performs regularly around NYC and has toured throughout the US. Their debut recording "The One Constant" (Songlines) will be released in June 2011.
01. Next Chapter
02. Trudge
03. Easily Distracted
04. Fable's End
05. Sadbeard
06. The Icebox
07. Bad Houseguest
08. Even Tempered
09. Drama King
10. Roquette
11. Room 120
12. The One Constant
The One Constant
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Stanton Moore: III (2006)

This highly recognizable — and widely recognized — groove returns on III, Moore’s third solo recording and his Telarc debut. In addition to his “infectious, jazz-meets-Bonham, nouveau second-line” sound, III features Robert Walter (Greyboy Allstars, The Head Hunters) on organ and Will Bernard (T.J. Kirk, Doctor Lonnie Smith) on guitar, along with a few special guests: Skerik and trombonist Mark Mullins (Galactic, Bonerama, Harry Connick, Jr., Better Than Ezra).
1. Poison Pushy (4:17)
2. Licorice (3:54)
3. Big 'Uns Get the Ball Rolling (5:44)
4. Chilcock (6:40)
5. (Don't Be Comin' With No) Weak Sauce (5:06)
6. Dunkin' In The Deep (6:40)
7. Maple Plank (6:29)
8. Water from an Ancient Well (7:14)
9. When the Levee Breaks (5:39)
10. I Shall Not Be Moved (2:59)
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Re-posT: Kenny Barron Quintet: Images (2004)

While this album seems mellow on first listen, there's a lot going on under the surface: sharp time-signature changes (a la Dave Brubeck), breakneck tempos, Brazilian undertones, and complex, darting but always pretty melodies. Not to overlook the soloing; Barron consistently dazzles with his lean, Thelonious Monk-tinged style, Stefon Harris's vibes glisten like morning sunlight, and Anne Drummond's flute is both soothing and spirited simultaneously. IMAGES is recommended to not only Barron and jazz-piano fans, but those who think music can't be intensely artistic and accessible at once.
Hard-bop pianist Kenny Barron has been a "musician's musician" for decades, playing behind such towering figures as Dizzy Gilles pie, Yusef Lateef, Stan Getz, and Freddie Hubbard. But in the 1990s, Barron began to take center stage, leading mostly trios through a series of albums that established him as a fine composer of intricate but madly swinging tunes. On IMAGES, he's assembled a somewhat unusual lineup, dispensing with any reeds or brass--just piano, flute, vibes, bass, and drums. The result is a set of bright, deceptively easygoing straight-ahead jazz--imagine the Modern Jazz Quartet after a long vacation in Brazil, where they drank lots of coffee.
01 So It Seems - 4:12
02 Jasmine Flower - 5:48
03 Inside Out - 6:35
04 The Lost Ones - 7:05
05 Hallucinations - 4:01
06 Song for Abdullah - 6:46
07 Footprints - 7:12
08 Marie Laveau - 7:40
09 Miss Missy - 5:22
10 Images - 18:02
Kenny Barron (piano)
Stefon Harris (vibraphone)
Anne Drummond (alto and c-flute)
Kiyoshi Kitagawa (bass)
Kim Thompson (drums)
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Terri Lyne Carrington: Real Life Story (1989)

Terri Lyne Carrington's debut recording as a leader, Real Life Story, featured many of jazz's finest artists including Wayne Shorter, John Scofield, Dianne Reeves, and Gerg Osby.  The young prodigal drummer who joined the New York City scene in the mid 1980's  became known rapidly as both an impressive performer and a respectable songwriter.
On Real Life Story Carrington not only contributes vocals to her originals but beautiful intigrates a host of players into her unique blend of soulful funk, classic swing, and modern percussion with the lp of the impeccable Don Alias and Keith Jones throughout. ~ Verve Music Group
01. Message True
02. More Than Woman
03. Blackbird
04. Shh
05. Obstacle Illusion
06. Human Revolution
07. Real Life Story
08. Skeptic Alert
09. Pleasant Dreams
10. Hobo's Flat
Personnel:Terri Lyne Carrington - Drums
Don Alias - Percussion (1-4, 6-7, 9, 10)
Hiram Bullock - Guitar (1-2, 7, 9)
Keith Jones - Bass (1-4, 6-7, 9, 10)
Patrice Rushen - Piano (1-7, 9, 10)
Real Life Story
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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Eddie Gomez: Discovery (1985)

A powerful recording, it features Michael Brecker on sax and E.W.I., an electronic wind instrument. Musically this album covers jazz and classical and a little avant-garde.
1 Me Too - Gadd, Gomez
2 Caprisious Fantasy - Brecker, Gomez
3 Puccini's Walk - Gomez
4 Delgado - Gomez
5 Caribbean Morning - Gomez
6 Scott David - Gomez
7 Cello Sonata in G Minor: 1stMovement - Eccips
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Anouar Brahem: Vague (2003)

Anouar Brahem, born in Halfaouine, Tunisia in 1957, is regarded as his country’s most innovative oud player. As a former pupil of master oudist Ali Sriti, he is thoroughly steeped in the secrets and subtleties of Arab classical music. He has absorbed this information and gone out to meet the world, a sophisticated modern musician with profound historical knowledge.
During his years in Paris in the early 1980s, jazz claimed Brahem’s attention and his fascination for music on ECM led him to contact producer Manfred Eicher. Since 1990 their creative relationship has resulted in the albums “Barzakh”, “Conte de l’Incroyable Amour”, “Madar” (with Jan Garbarek), “Khomsa”, “Thimar” (with John Surman and Dave Holland), “Astrakan café”, and “Le pas du chat noir”, as well as the anthology “Vague” (released in France only). All of these discs have received a great deal of critical praise, none more so than “Le pas du chat noir”, recorded 2002, which represented a giant step forward for Brahem as composer as well as player. Admirers of the music offered by Brahem with François Couturier and Jean-Louis Matinier were mesmerised by its gently-swaying insistence and the way Anouar’s pieces, while still rooted in Arab modes, seemed to find points of contact with other forms.
Acoustic Guitar magazine called Brahem/Couturier/Matinier “the oddest trio ever to play contemporary Arabic music”, before going on to laud the work: “The result is far more than an expression of Arabic traditions; echoes of Satie, Paris cafés, flamenco, and Balkan music infuse the melodies. Accordion, oud and piano continually exchange roles, each providing melody, rhythm, and ornamental filigree.” London’s Time Out spoke of “sparse lyricism of an extraordinary beauty. Such is its purity, simplicity and subtlety that it’s almost impossible to imagine a lovelier meeting of Arabic and European musics.” In The Independent, Phil Johnson described “Le pas du chat noir” as “a complete delight: 70 minutes of intricately dappled, Debussy-like settings for a Maghreb chamber trio. And if the light is falling just right, it can make your listening room feel like a Matisse interior.”
Extensive touring on both sides of the Atlantic following the release of “Le pas du chat noir” permitted the trio to grow into a real ‘band’, with Brahem increasingly giving interpretative leeway to his associates. Both François Couturier and Jean-Louis Matinier are well-known improvisers with strong reputations in European jazz.
Pianist Couturier won France’s coveted Django Reinhardt Prize in 1980, an award that served to awaken international attention, and he subsequently toured the world as a member of guitarist John McLaughlin’s groups. Couturier first collaborated with Anouar Brahem in 1985 in a project also including Turkish musicians Barbaros Erköse and Kudsi Erguner and subsequently appeared on Brahem’s “Khomsa” album. In 1997 he recorded the duo album “Poros” with violinist Dominique Pifarély, a frequent musical partner. Other musicians with whom he has worked include Robin Kenyatta, Eddy Louis, Jean-Marc Larché and Didier Levallet. In December 2005, Francois Couturier recorded as yet untitled album for ECM, with participating musicians including Jean-Louis Matinier, saxophonist Jean-Marc Larché and cellist Anja Lechner.
Jean-Louis Matinier made his ECM debut with Brahem on “Le pas du chat noir” but he has had working relationships with other muscians associated with the label, including Gianluigi Trovesi, Enrico Rava and Louis Sclavis, and is widely admired for the fluidity of his approach. Originally a classical player he has made the transition to jazz and other improvised forms seem natural and inevitable.
“Le Voyage de Sahar” features persuasive, emotionally powerful new compositions by Anouar Brahem, and also incorporates new approaches to three of his most requested pieces: “Vague”, “E la nave va” and “Halfaouine”.
Brahem, Couturier and Matinier take the music of “Le Voyage de Sahar” on the road in March with concerts in Portugal, France, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. The tour culminates in a special double concert with the Brahem trio plus Rolf Lislevand’s group in Munich on April 8.
1. Ronda
2. Parfum De Gitane
3. Houdouth
4. Le Chien Sur Les Genoux De La Devineresse
5. Sebika Ecouter
6. Leila Au Pays Du Caroussel, Variation
7. Diversion
8. Comme Une Absence
9. Nihawend Lunga
10. Claquent Les Voiles
11. E La Nave Va
12. Vague
13. Bou Naouara
14. Mazad
15. Hulmu Rabia
16. Astrakan Cafe
17. La Nuit Des Yeux
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Monday, May 16, 2011

Enrico Rava: Chanson (1993)

Possibly Italy's most reknowned jazzer today, Enrico Rava and his trumpet owe a great deal, by his own admission, to Miles Davis. With this in mind his latest project sees him recoding in the Big Apple, paying homage to both Davis and Duke Ellington, not only with usual collaborator Stefano Bollani on keys, but with an American combo who have brought out the best in him for a long time.
That's not to say that just about everything Rava does isn't utterly tasteful, it's just that sometimes it errs on the wrong side of politeness. here however, the fusion of European (albeit heavily indebted to the Lower East Side) and the States makes for a far more substantial diet.
For starters, Mark Turner's tenor seems to key in to Rava's very DNA, making the two free pieces, Improvisation I and II, amazingly telepathic. His breathy Coltraneisms are always given enough room by Rava but never (as with all players) once straying outside a group dynamic.
At all times the almost microscopic ability of Paul Motian to hit things at exactly the right moment allows the whole thing to float as freely as something as lyrical and moody as this needs to. Those who long for the swinging abilities of him and bass player Larry Grenadier may feel a little short-changed, but it's at the perfectly acceptable price of producing something wonderfully evocative. And anyway, when it comes to the tango of Luna Urbana his rimshots and rattles are like buckshot against the sheen of Bollani's crystalline chords.
Meanwhile Rava blows with an effortless grace that can stretch from louche to dangerously dark when needed. All in all this may initially sound like a typically tasteful ECM album, but at its heart it holds some ingenious surprises. More please.
01.- Diva
02.- Could Be A Tango
03.- Bellflower
04.- Bells
05.- Autoritratto
06.- Que Reste-T-Il De Nos Amours
07.- Parlami D'amore Mariu'
08.- What's New
09.- My Crazy Valentine
10.- Blue In Green
11.- The Door Without The Door
12.- Questions
13.- Giselle
14.- Feuilles D'automne
15.- Parks
16.- Spleen
Enrico Rava: trumpet
Richard Galliano: bandoneon
Rita Marcotulli: piano
Enzo Pietropaoli: bass
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Manu Dibango: Choc 'N Soul (2010)

The music Manu Dibango is known for its alchemy of Jazz, African and Jamaican music, Gospel and R&B. His unique style was the forerunner of what we now call world music. Dibango is perhaps best remembered for his 1972 afrobeat single Soul Makossa, often considered the first disco record. This new best-of collection from Fremeaux features twelve tracks released between 1978 and 1989, including the 1978 Kingston remix of Reggae Makossa. Guest artists include Michael and Randy Brecker, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare.
1. Choc 'N Soul
2. Reggae Markossa
3. Bushman Promenade
4. Mouna Pola
5. Africa Boogie
6. Douala Serenade
7. Happy Feeling
8. Night Jet
9. Ca Va Chouia
10. Goro City
11. Waka Juju
12. Minuit Au Circuit
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Choc 'n Soul

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Javon Jackson: A Look Within (1996)

Tenor saxophonist Javon Jackson deserves a lot of credit for stretching himself on this release. Although he can sound very close to Joe Henderson at times, on this set he interprets a wide-ranging repertoire that allows him to avoid falling into the revivalist hard bop category. In addition to a pair of originals (the medium-uptempo blues "Hamlet's Favorite Son" and "Assessment" which is dedicated to Elvin Jones), Jackson performs songs by the likes of Egberto Gismonti, Frank Zappa, Muddy Waters ("Country Girl" which has a vocal by Cassandra Wilson), Freddie Hubbard, Charles Mingus, and Hank Mobley (a delightful rendition of "Recado Bossa Nova"). Most of the selections (even the two that include organist Lonnie Smith) utilize a sparse background with the versatile guitarist Fareed Haque, bassist Peter Washington, and drummer Billy Drummond leaving plenty of space. This surprisingly modern and subtle program is one of Javon Jackson's finest to date. ~ AllMusic
1. Assessment (For Elvin Jones)
2. Memoria E Fado
3. Zoot Allures
4. Country Girl
5. Leap Frog
6. Peggy's Blue Skylight/Duke Ellington's Sound Of Love
7. L'Eau A La Bouche
8. Hamlet's Favorite Son
9. Recado Bossa Nova
A Look Within
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Monday, May 9, 2011

The James Taylor Quartet: The Template (2011)

The Template' marks the coming of age of Hammond master James Taylor as he enters his 25th year at the forefront of the world jazz funk scene.
His band, The James Taylor Quartet are an act that have toured world-wide consistently since their launch in 1986 developing a large following and in the process opening doors for many other British acts, and becoming a by-word for integrity, musicianship, showmanship and bankability.
A remarkable achievement for an act that defies mainstream categorisation and which operates in a thoroughly independent and autonomous way. This album reflects the intensity of their highly acclaimed live shows with the opening cinematic style title track ‘The Template', a tune which crystallises the best of British TV and film music and then seriously switches on the heat.
Taylors Hammond work ramps up the tension alongside award winning flautist ‘Gareth Lockrane' all set to a searing groove that throws down the gauntlet to all challengers. This is heavy modern instrumental music at its best delivered by an act that is on top of its game and clearly enjoying them selves.
Add to the mix the soulful angelic voice of UK's great white hope ‘John Turrell' and JTQ lay back into a mesmeric mellow groove with the anthemic emotionally charged ‘Woman' this album never lets up the intensity with subtle and yet powerfully dynamic musicianship.
The gentle ballad ‘Autumn River' which draws the listener into Debussy style images, juxtaposes starkly yet remarkably easily alongside funk workouts such as ‘Pressure Gauge' which struts and swaggers with blistering affect.
Turrell's vocal features on several other tunes, taking the band into Isley's territory with the soulful ‘Why cant we get along' and the Roy Ayers inspired ‘Light up your soul' this is UK funk, drawing from the American stuff but contemporising it with thoroughly modern British grit.
There's nothing clean about this music, totally recorded and mixed live onto tape in an analogue studio in Taylor's home town of Rochester.
This Album is both an unashamed two fingers to - and an antidote for - the ultra-processed, ultra-dead anaemic clinical digital recording era that we are currently suffering.
01. Template (05:09)
02. Woman (04:06)
03. Home Is Where The Hatred Is (03:21)
04. Autumn River (03:45)
05. Light Up Your Soul (03:59)
06. Pressure Gauge (04:07)
07. Crossing Over (03:05)
08. Why Can't We Get Along (03:44)
09. Lucky Jim (02:44)
10. Loneliness (04:13)
11. Koko (03:48)
12. Song For My Dad (04:56)
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Bill Frisell: Sign of Life (2011)

Bill Frisell's remarkable artistry shines through on this brand new album with his world renowned 858 string quartet. Featuring Jenny Scheinman (violin), Eyvind Kang (viola), and Hank Roberts (cello), Sign Of Life was born out of Bill's composing retreat in Vermont during the fall of 2010. The entire album was recorded, mixed, and mastered in only 3 months - the shortest gestation period ever for a Frisell recording.
It's hard to find a more fruitful meditation on American music than in the compositions of guitarist Bill Frisell. --NY Times
1. It’s A Long Story (02:43)
2. Old Times (05:02)
3. Sign Of Life (02:51)
4. Friend Of Mine (Part One) (05:50)
5. Wonderland (03:20)
6. It’s A Long Story (06:35)
7. Mother Daughter (02:23)
8. Youngster (03:03)
9. Recollection (02:57)
10. Suitcase In My Hand (02:25)
11. Sixty Four (03:55)
12. Friend Of Mine (Part Two) (01:52)
13. Painter (01:17)
14. Teacher (01:30)
15. All The People, All The Time (02:07)
16. Village (04:23)
17. As It Should Be (01:52)
Sign Of Life, Music For 858 Quartet
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Javon Jackson: Pleasant Valley (1999)

Tenor saxophonist Javon Jackson and cohorts have found plenty of fertile ground in Pleasant Valley. Using Larry Goldings's down-home organ as a backdrop and Dave Stryker's light-fingered guitar as a foil, Jackson has managed to evoke the creative days of early fusion (in particular, the Tony Williams Lifetime) while fitting in perfectly with the lounge-jazz mainstream. Jackson has a dollop of funk in his sophisticated tone, which he adds judiciously, giving a little juice to his complex, serpentine lines. Combine this with the sensitive interaction of the group, the relative rhythmic freedoms of drummer Billy Drummond, and the psychedelic rock-guitar effects, and you have much more than a mere copy of the '50s organ-tenor sound. What you have is a cauldron of creative possibilities welded to an earthy, unhurried feel. And that feeling is, indeed, a pleasant one: a form of relaxed stimulation.
A solid, dependable and mild-mannered saxophonist, Javon Jackson studied at the Berklee College of Music in Boston for several years before joining Art Blakey’s Jazz Messengers. The saxophonist’s niche in today’s jazz world is filled with solid mainstream vibrations and a caressing respect for the instrument. Jackson’s approach is a bit laid-back, his tone is true, and his articulation serves him well. At 33, the saxophonist is in a position to either branch out or to focus more on that aspect of his career which he finds most satisfying.
On Pleasant Valley, the focus is on fitting together some of Jackson’s best-loved symbols of the art. Compositions on the album were written for Freddie Hubbard, Kenny Garrett, Donald Brown, and Jim Hall. "Sun Swept Sunday" is from Duke Ellington’s film score to Anatomy Of A Murder. Two others are pop tunes, while "Hippodelphia" comes from the pen of Joe Zawinul. That Jackson and Garrett are close friends who worked with Blakey together plays into the unique voicing the leader employs on "Brother G." Veering away from the lower tenor sax register that Jackson stays with elsewhere, this tribute aims higher, hanging instead in the middle and upper register neighborhood. Thus, he attains a sound closer to Garrett’s alto saxophone tone. Underlying this tonal ploy is a sense of majesty that Jackson has written into the melody and harmony.
With Larry Goldings and Dave Stryker blending timbres, the quartet’s cool, relaxed attitude recalls that of the classic organ combo. Jackson’s latest exemplifies what we sometimes think of as "the Blue Note sound" and sits comfortably "in the pocket."
01 - Sun Swept Sunday
02 - Pleasant Valley
03 - Hippodelphia
04 - Don't You Worry 'Bout a Thing
05 - Jim Jam
06 - In the Pocket
07 - Brother 'G'
08 - Love and Happiness
09 - For One Who Knows
Javon Jackson - Tenor Saxophone
Dave Stryker - Guitar
Larry Goldings- Organ
Billy Drummond - Drums
Pleasant Valley
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rodney Jones: Dreams and Stories (2005)

This excellent set, which features guitarist Rodney Jones on his melodic originals, blues, ballads, and a few standards, sounds as if it were recorded in 2005 except for one fact. Pianist Kenny Kirkland, who passed away prematurely in 1998, is in the quartet. Surprisingly no date is included in the liner notes, so the 1985 date given for the previously unreleased set is just an educated guess, since it is mentioned that bassist Marc Johnson was new in town at the time of the recording. It is a joy to hear some "new" Kirkland solos but the contributions of Jones, Johnson, and drummer Jeff "Tain" Watts (who is very subtle throughout) should not be overlooked either. Jones' songs are excellent, with "Blue Days, Blue Dreams" and "While We Dream" in particular being rewarding ballads that should be covered by others. Recommended. ~ Scott Yanow
1 – Star Eyes – Rodney Jones, DePaul, Gene
2 – Leana’s Song
3 – Happy Blue
4 – The Song Is You – Rodney Jones, Kern, Jerome
5 – Blue Days, Blue Dreams
6 – Five for the Duck
7 – While We Dream
8 – Summertime – Rodney Jones, Gershwin, Ira
9 – Serena
10 – No Time for the Blues
11 – Blues When You Need Them
12 – Road Song – Rodney Jones, Montgomery, J.L.
Rodney Jones (guitar);
Kenny Kirkland (piano);
Marc Johnson (bass instrument);
Jeff “Tain” Watts (drums)
Dreams & Stories
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