Friday, July 30, 2010

Rain Sultanov: Mugham-Megham (1999)

In November/December 1999 Rain Sultanov recorded the solo album named ;. It presents compositions in folk-jazz stule, and its name shows that Rain used various directions of mugham and mixed them with jazz style. Mugham is the root of Azerbaijan music and it is the part of ancient historical culture. The word megham means time and because of that it is actual in any time. It can be combined with the harmony of jazz and various improvisations very well. Two compositions of "Mugham-Megham" album were presented at multimedia program in Shirvanshakhs palace successfully. And for the performance of one of the compositions from "Mugham-Megham" album Rain Sultanov as one of the best performers was awarded by the Raf-line festivals main prize "Buta" ( buta is the Azerbaijan national pattern). That festival was devoted to such topics like person,clothes, environment.
1. Old City 5:07
2. Days gone by 4:56
3. Gachagach 6:34
4. Mugham-Megham 15:40
5. Arabah 9:50
6. Gobustan dastany 11:44
Rain Sultanov: Soprano, Tenor saxophone, Alt flute, Keyboards,Drum Programm.
Nadir Talibov: Balaban, Zurna, Tutek
Eldar Rzakuli-zadeh: Piano, Keyboards
Siyavush Kerimi: Ud
Rauf Sultanov: Acoustic Bass, Bass Guitar
Ramin Sultanov: Zarb, Tabla, Naghara, Gosha-naghara, Djembe
Tofig Jabbarov: Percussions
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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Ravi Coltrane: Blending Times (2009)

Son of legendary jazz greats John and Alice, Ravi Coltrane continues to strengthen his own brand with the much-anticipated follow up to his Grammy-nominated release, In Flux. Blending Times features Ravi's acclaimed quartet, one of the most consistently excellent working bands in jazz and includes a collection of new originals and a very special collaboration with Charlie Haden and Brandee Younger on 'For Turiya', dedicated to Ravi's mother.
01. Shine
02. First Circuit
03. A Still Life
04. Epistrophy
05. Amalgams
06. Narcined
07. One Wheeler Will
08. The Last Circuit
09. Before with After
10. For Turiya
Blending Times
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Bryan Forsloff: The Final Touch (2010)

“The Final Touch” fits perfectly into the play lists of Smooth Jazz radio today. Bryan’s guitar style and tone is reminiscent of George Benson/Wes Montgomery and yet he maintains his own voice as well. The tracks are funky, R&B/Soul based grooves that are hip and tight. Forsloff really shines in three areas: His playing, his songwriting and his production skills. His jazz lines give a nod to the players of yesterday and yet they remain fresh and relevant today. The seven originals have catchy melodies that stay with you and yet are sophisticated at the same time.
The production of the songs are very contemporary with each song standing uniquely on it's own. Bryan covers two Stevie Wonder songs Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing and Isn't She Lovely? If you didn't know that Don't You Worry... was a Wonder tune you'd think it was a Forsloff original. He handles the Latin groove nicely. When asked "why the two Wonder covers?" he simply replied, "Don't You Worry... was already in the bag and "Isn't She Lovely ?" has always been such a special favorite of my daughter and I that I just had to do it for her." Tune 88 by Jeff Lorber is an energetic funk driven tune that Forsloff treats in a laid back solo guitar manner. It's as if you caught him on his front porch laying this one down. You will undoubtedly hear more from this artist in the future.
A fresh new sound on the smooth jazz scene, Bryan's hip guitar playing and satifiying compositions are likely to stay at the top of your playlist.
1. Smooth One 5:34
2. As Is 5:07
3. The Final Touch 5:59
4. Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing 5:29
5. Neighbor Bill 5:16
6. So Fine 4:55
7. Alexandria 4:45
8. Full Throttle 4:46
9. Isn't She Lovely 3:56
10. Tune 88 3:08
The Final Touch
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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stephane Grappelli & Yehudi Menuhin: Top Hat (1981)

This one of my top albums. I love playing it -- so tasteful and beautifully produced. On this album are two more legends, one a classical violinist and the other a jazz fiddler, sadly now both deceased. This album was recorded in 1981.
What makes this disc so extra special is the input of arranger/conductor Nelson Riddle. And of course all three are tipping their top hats to the peerless Fred Astaire. During the course of his career Fred managed to introduce some really superb songs. In fact, it's been said that Gershwin, Kern, Youmans, Porter, Berlin and others wrote some of their finest songs with Astaire in mind. True, he was a unique dancer, but he had winning ways with a song as well.
01) Puttin' On The Ritz
02) The Way You Look Tonight
03) He Loves, She Loves
04) Isn't This A Lovely Day
05) The Piccolino
06) Alison
07) Change Partners
08) Top Hat, White Tie And Tails
09) They Can't Take That Away From Me
10) The Continental
11) They All Laughed
12) Amanda
13) Funny Face
14) The Carioca
Top Hat: Jazz Soundtrack Lp (1981)
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fridrik Karlsson: Point Blank (1991)

Fridrik Karlsson was born in Iceland and moved to England in 1996. He started playing guitar when he was 16 years old. He got a degree in classical and jazz/rock guitar. He's most well known for his work with Mezzoforte who had a worldwide hit back in 1983 with "Gardenparty".
01. Road To Salso
02. Back To Basics
03. Cloud 30
04. Night Breeze
05. Sin Ti
06. Point Blank
07. Morning Mist
08. Savannah Colada
09. Dream Forrest
10. Odds And Events
Fridrik Karlsson - guitar
Johann Asmudsson - bass
Gunnlaugur Briem - drums
Jeroen de Rijk - percussion
Eypor Gunnarsson - keyboards
Danny Gottlieb - drums
Manolo Badrena - percussion
Mark Egan - bass
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Lee Morgan: Lee Morgan Plays Benny Golson (2010)

Lee Morgan, a leading trumpeter and composer, recorded prolifically from 1956 until a day before his death in February 1972. Originally interested in the vibraphone, he soon showed a growing enthusiasm for the trumpet. When Benny Golson left the Jazz Messengers, Morgan persuaded Blakey to hire Wayne Shorter, a young tenor saxophonist, to fill the chair. Original Release of MusicaJazz Magazine.
Great musician, great autor!
01. Just by Myself
02. Whisper Not
03. City Lights
04. Hasaan's Dream
05. Mesabi Chant
06. I Remember Clifford
07. Latin Hangover
08. Domingo
09. Tempo de waltz
10. Where Am I
11. Slightly Hep
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Miles Davis: Miles in Tokyo (1964)

Miles Davis's most successful groups--his first great quintet with John Coltrane, for example, and his mid-1960s outfit with saxophonist Wayne Shorter--are well known, but the ensembles in-between are also notable. On this 1964 concert, recorded in Tokyo, Japan, Miles was already working with the rhythm section he would maintain until 1970--drummer Tony Williams, bassist Ron Carter, and pianist Herbie Hancock. The saxophonist, remarkably enough, is subsequent avant-garde legend Sam Rivers.
Rivers is a unique and under-appreciated player not bound by stylistic constraints; he plays with great verve, humor, and invention. Though Rivers seems a bit out of place on this set of mostly standards (which includes "My Funny Valentine" and "All of You"), it is interesting to hear how his sound changes the group, pushing it toward more flexible rhythmic and harmonic structures. "So What," for example, grows to skittering near-cacophony, with a series of complex solos. Hancock's blinding right hand and the propulsive rhythms of Carter and Williams also drive Davis to some of the edgiest playing of his career at that point. MILES IN TOKYO is a fascinating document of Davis in transition, but is also worth picking up for the chance to hear Rivers in such unique company.
Personnel: Miles Davis (trumpet); Sam Rivers (tenor saxophone); Herbie Hancock (piano); Ron Carter (acoustic bass); Tony Williams (drums)
1. Introduction by Teruo Isono
2. If I Were a Bell
3. My Funny Valentine
4. So What
5. Walkin'
6. All of You
7. Go-Go (Theme and Announcement)
Miles in Tokyo
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Dominic Miller: November (2010)

For the majority of his career, Argentinean-born guitar player Dominic Miller has used his immense talents to support of other artists. Probably best known as “Sting’s Guitarist,” a title he bears proudly, Miller’s unique acoustic sound can also be found intertwined among the work of artists such as Phil Collins, Level 42, The Pretenders, Chris Botti, The Chieftains and even the Backstreet Boys, to name a few. Even with constant demands on his time and talent, Miller manages to find a few moments for his own solo efforts. His latest album, November (Q-Rious Music), reveals a decidedly different side of Miller.
Miller ventured into new territory with November, renewing his relationship with the electric guitar, eliminating vocals entirely, and unplugging all of his fancy studio gear. The numbers on November were recorded in a matter of days and document Miller’s current position in his musical journey. When I asked him about his decision to produce an all-instrumental album in my interview with him last week, Miller replied “I like the contrast of working what is arguably one of the best day jobs in the world, and then doing something that is the exact opposite of that, which is just instrumental music.” Whatever his reasons, the result speaks for itself.
November includes 11 tracks of guitar-driven instrumentals; the players backing Miller include drummer Ian Thomas, bassist Mark King, keyboardist Mike Lindup, pianist Yaron Herman, flautist Dave Heath, sax player Stan Sulzmann and keyboardist Jason Rebello. Many tracks represent “first take” recordings, and Miller told me he preferred to keep all the imperfections intact. “There are actually some mistakes if you wanted to really analyze it, some tuning issues and there’s some tempo issues,” he offered. “The ProTools generation has just ruined everything, ‘cause everything is like perfect now. Imperfection is what makes something beautiful. It’s the contrast of perfection and imperfection that makes something work.”
Stylistically, November is much as Miller fans would expect, starting off with the nylon string acoustic guitar-dominated “Solent,” which, less than a minute in, hits you with a bit of tasty electric guitar work. Just when you think you’ve got it figured out, “W3” kicks off with a hardcore, Earth, Wind and Fire-reminiscent funk groove. Even then, Miller keeps changing things up by adding a jazz fusion flavors to the mix. This trend continues throughout November, giving it an eclectic personality. My vote for the standout is cast for “Marignane,” its dark tone and attitude marked by a sweet sax solo.
Miller sums up Novemeber best: “One of the rewards of working with so many great artists, like Sting, is that I have the ability to do records like the one I just did, without worrying about sales. I have the luxury of not having to answer to any marketing or anyone else’s expectations. So, really I just do what I like…”
4.Gut Feeling
5.Ripped Nylon
7.Sharp Object
8.Chanson I
10.Chanson II
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John Blackwell Project: 4ever Jia (2010)

John Blackwell Project came together after the 2008 Buddy Rich Memorial Concert to create a stellar album with a truly unique and varied collection of innovative fusion tunes, the basic tracks for 4ever Jia were recorded at DrumChannel in Oxnard, California. The album's influences are drawn from Funk, Fusion and Jazz, something for everyone and some tunes that will have you singing in no time.
An incredible band consisting of four core talents: John (a world-class groove master and drummer with Prince, and many other top performers) Corey Bernhard (keys - you may have seen him on John's Master class Hudson DVD), Paul Pesco (guitar - Madonna, J-Lo, Hall & Oates, Mary J., Alicia Keyes and many others) and Will Lee (bass - everyone, and I mean everyone, but most know him from Dave Letterman). There are multiple guest musicians on the album including Charlie Singleton (Cameo), David Garfield, David Mann (Tower of Power), Luis Conte, Esperanza Spalding, Michael Landau and many others.
01. Hyper-Formants (4:35)
02. Amazing (4:40)
03. Jeremiah's Sleepy Night (6:54)
04. No Ordinary Day (5:49)
05. Blackhouse (4:13)
06. Mind Of J (5:57)
07. You're The One (4:59)
08. Sexual Harassment (5:30)
09. Jada (5:10)
10. Jaiven (6:51)
11. You Asked For It (5:30)
John Blackwell - DRUMS
Paul Pesco - GUITAR
Corey Bernhard - KEYS
Will Lee - BASS
4ever Jia
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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Trix: Fantastic (2009)

Personnel: Mitsuru Sutoh (bass); Noriaki Kumagai(drums); Takeshi Hirai (guitar); Hiroshi Kubota (keyboards).
2009 Release. A power fusion combo, the members of Trix are from Casiopea and T-Square. The four person powerhouse plays their butt off. A must hear !!
2. Skip Away
3. Super Latino
4. volare via
5. S
6. White Fairy
7. Circulars
8. Bos(t)on!
9. Adoration
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The Real Group: The Real Album (2009)

The Real Group is a professional a cappella group from Sweden, consisting of five members: soprano Emma Nilsdotter, alto Katarina Henryson, tenor Anders Edenroth, baritone Peder Karlsson, and bass Anders Jalkéus. The group's members compose or arrange most of the songs that they perform. A large portion of the group's recorded songs are sung in English, with the remainder being almost entirely in Swedish.
The group cites Bobby McFerrin as an early source of inspiration: "What we do may never have happened if we hadn't heard his [albums]."
The Real Group has performed in more than 2000 concerts worldwide. Nonetheless, the group does not tour often in the United States; to avoid extended absence from their families, the group has a policy not to take tours lasting longer than one week, and tour-booking management agencies in the US don't generally accept such relatively short tour lengths. In 2002 The Real Group performed at the opening ceremony of The FIFA World Cup in Seoul. They performed live to the audience of 60,000. On December 22, 1993, to commemorate the fiftieth birthday of Queen Silvia of Sweden, The Real Group backed up former ABBA member Anni-Frid Lyngstad in a performance of the ABBA hit "Dancing Queen", using an a cappella arrangement that would later be released on the album "Varför får man inte bara vara som man är".
01 - Bumble Bee (3:30)
02 - Pass Me The Jazz (3:31)
03 - A Lifetime Takes A Lifetime To Fullfill (3:25)
04 - Nostalgia World (3:54)
05 - Lay It In My Hand (4:31)
06 - A Minute On Your Lips (4:02)
07 - The Modern Man (4:30)
08 - The Window That Leads To Your World (4:12)
09 - A Little Kindness (3:12)
10 - Anna's Song (4:21)
11 - Flying High (3:06)
Real Album
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Friday, July 23, 2010

Aapo Heinonen: A Daydream Between Nightmares (2010)

A very fine debut of jazz pianist Aapo Heinonen and his Quintet. Nine brand new songs written by Aapo himself takes this group straight into the first class in Finnish jazz-scene. Instrumental jazz with acoustic piano and some tasteful rhodes make a combination sometimes spiritually harmonic and soon behind the corner a handful of sparkling and youthful riffs and grooves makes you want to hear more. Although there are many twisting sections in many songs, at least one part of the tunes are composed mainly on the lookout for improvisation. Influences can be heard from the 80's fusion jazz, modal mainstream and free jazz as well. This really is music that offers rewarding experiences for both jazzfans and ordinary people.
01. Delusional Escape (08:05)
02. Ragstore (07:05)
03. Gambling With Affairs (07:02)
04. A Daydream Between Nightmares (06:48)
05. After The Funeral (07:23)
06. Trick Or Trap (07:31)
07. Snow In July (10:23)
08. Higher Glomp (08:57)
09. My 2nd Best Friend (07:18)
A Daydream Between Nightmares
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Johannes Zetterberg: Luna Nueva (2009)

The first solo CD by Swedish bassplayer Johannes Zetterberg. West Coast fusion in the vein of Dave Weckl, Yellowjackets, Karizma etc.
Featuring: Aron Mellergårdh (Drums); Jay Oliver (Keyboard); Erik Linder (Guitars); Jens Filipsson (Alto Saxophone); Jonathan Fritzén (Keyboard); Jonas Isaksson (Guitar); Eric Marienthal (Alto Saxophone); Arvid Svenungsson (Keyboards); Calle Stålenbring (Guitar); Jason Rebello (Keyboard); Andreas Ekstedt (Percussion); Otmaro Ruiz (Keyboard). Highly recommended!!!
1. Thrill Minute 4:31
2. Another Exit 5:32
3. Quintana Roo 4:09
4. Luna Nueva (Only a Dream) 4:30
5. Splinter 3:52
6. Adrenochrome 3:50
7. Past Tense - Pt. I 0:43
8. Past Tense - Pt. Ii 4:08
9. Seven Summits 6:08
10. Tierra Del Fuego 5:07
Luna Nueva
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

John Pena: Call It Grace (2008)

Session bassist John Pena adds variety in style, playing and composition with jazz,r&b,latin jazz, fusion, contemporary jazz, alternative jazz and inspirational music under one umbrella. Highly recommended!!!
Special guests that participated on this project:
On Drums/Chad Wackerman, Raul Pineda, Oscar Seaton, Alvaro Lopez, John Ferraro, Marvin McQuitty and Tom Brechtlein.
On Keys/Otmaro Ruiz, David Garfield, Dave Goldblatt, Tommy Coster Jr., Ricardo Arbe and Stephan Oberhoff.
On Guitars/Ramon Stagnaro, James Harrah & Byron Fry.
On Trumpet and Flugelhorn/Harry Kim.
On Sax/Justo Almario & Larry Klimas.
Vocalists/Leslie Smith & Sharon Perry.
Background vocals/Terry Wood Pena, Angie Jaree and Annette Mata
On Percussion/Fausto Cuevas & Raul Pineda.
1. 4 Basses & a Cross 2:05
2. Signs of Tribulation 5:36
3. Call It Grace 6:24
4. Speak to Me 3:58
5. Overwhelming Peace 3:40
6. All for Nothing (V.3) 6:28
7. Alas De Aguila 4:44
8. Tears in a Bottle 5:28
9. The Warrior's Prayer 4:07
10. Nothing but the Blood 2:09
Call It Grace
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Ken Navarro: Dreaming of Trains (2010)

The new CD “Dreaming of Trains” by Ken Navarro (released nationally on March 16th 2010) is a dazzling display of multiple talents by the versatile guitarist. Navarro’s 19th release in a prolific and acclaimed career sparkles with innovation and delight at every turn.
What struck me almost immediately, and kept on striking me throughout the disc, is a fearless sense of movement. Navarro leaps from tone center to tone center with joyous abandon, changes meter with deft ebullience, changes tempo midstream, shuffles mode at will. What might seem to the casual listener to be an overly cerebral, self-absorbed tactic, it is really nothing of the sort; to me, it is a gleeful statement of personal ideas that invites you to follow along; and rewards your tenacity with dimension, harmonic complexity, and textured nuance.
The title cut is a tension-filled, ethereal piece, that demonstrates not only Navarro’s micrometered set of chops, but also showcases his deft arranging sense and atmospheric production sensibilities. I’m thrilled to hear such incredible attention to detail in the drum and percussion tracks; so often neglected on albums by solo instrument artists. The sound field is deep, wide, and focused, with a clarity that will startle you. Drummer Joel Rosenblatt (Manhattan Transfer, Spyro Gyra) is a true craftsman, and his work on this disc crackles with energy, and yet is settled, effortless, and compelling; while Navarro’s presentation of the percussion is upfront, deliberate, and meticulous.
Navarro’s signature smoothness and even-handed playing is a joy to behold throughout the disc. His versatility in migrating from clean nylon string work to funky distortion and back in “The Buzz” is especially noteworthy.
“Brazilian-phase” Metheny-esque influences can be heard in “Dream So Real”, but Navarro makes it his own with chordal movement and arranging density that creates a lush and precipitating atmosphere. The gentle giddiness of “Self Propelled” is leavened by a wonderful, modal planing eleventh/dominant harmonic sensibility that makes the resolutions truly satisfying. True Stories is a multi-movement tour de force with a riveting doubled melody and global feel that once again harkens the best of Metheny/Mays. “Shared Air” has a relentless throb, a fascinating counterpoint to the gentility of the melody. The subtlety of the drummer is brought into focus again on this piece.
“Everything Being is Dancing” just flat boogies. A little clav feel, laid-back and funky drums, suddenly ornamented with a dense harmonic palette, with nuanced and sensitive bass work by Tom Kennedy (Al DiMeola, Dave Weckl), and perhaps the most spirited and inspired Navarro soloing on the disc. Breathless work. “The Stars, The Snow, The Fire” makes beautiful use of odd-meter’s levitating effects on a groove. Seamless transitions into swing and then into 4/4, then back punctuate the symphonic nature of the song.
Keyboardist Jay Rowe (Special EFX, Marion Meadows) is particularly mesmerizing in this piece. The closer, Erik Satie’s “Gymnopedie No. 1” is an interesting counterpoint to the rest of the CD. While it is flawlessly executed, expressive, and interesting, I couldn’t help but wonder if the continuity of the album wasn’t compromised just a tad by this piece’s inclusion. I wasn’t bothered by it, but I did notice. A minor blemish at most (and I really had to nitpick to find this fault) on what is a genuinely riveting CD. If this is not up for Grammy® consideration, I shall be truly astounded. Get it. Now.
1. Dream So Real 2:47
2. Self Propelled 4:46
3. True Stories 8:44
4. Dreaming of Trains 8:28
5. The Buzz 4:36
6. Shared Air 5:43
7. Everything Being Is Dancing 5:43
8. The Stars, The Snow, The Fire 7:24
9. Gymnopedie No. 1 3:05
Dreaming Of Trains
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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Masato Honda: With A Voice Of Elements (2006)

2006 release of Japanese saxman Masato Honda with crew of famous musicians as Hiroyuki Noritake, Mitsuro Sutoh and many others.
01. 4p Layers (4:37)
02. Destiny in the Tube (5:44)
03. Polka (5:15)
04. Her Life and Two Doves (4:46)
05. Bulldog (5:01)
06. Lautan Hindia (5:18)
07. BOP Factory (4:49)
08. Mandrake (5:02)
09. Maestro and Boy (5:31)
10. Knotty Sticky (5:52)
11. Stone Wind (6:06)
Hiroyuki Noritake : Drums
Keiji Matsumoto : Arranged (2,4,6,10), Keyboards, Piano, Guitar, Accordion, Synth-programming
Masahiko Todo : 1st VI (6)
Masato Honda : Arranged (1,3,5,7,9,11), Saxophones, EWI, Flute, Synth-programming etc.
Mitsuru Sutoh : Arranged (8), Bass
Namiko Kitagawa : 2nd VI (6)
Shoko Miki : Vla (6)
Taiga Kanno : Cello (6)
With the Voice of Elements
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Gaia Cuatro: Udin (2008)

Take two of the most important musicians from the Japanese jazz scene and have them meet with two of the most inventive Argentinian musicians from the European scene.
Buschini Carlos - bass, double bass
Di Giusto Gerardo - Piano
Kaneko Aska - Violin, Vocals
Yahiro Tomohiro - drums, percussions
1. Gaia (4:35)
2. Como Lo Veo (6:16)
3. La Chusma (5:03)
4. Dos Lunas (6:09)
5. Habanera (5:37)
6. Waltz For Camel (5:03)
7. Contra (6:01)
8. Hua Yhongo (7:50)
9. Despues (7:01)
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Incognito: Transatlantic RPM (2010)

Thirty years old and still going strong, Incognito is the UK's own Earth, Wind & Fire, a national treasure whose founder Jean-Paul "Bluey" Maunick deserves a knighthood.
Opening with a great version of Boz Scaggs' slinky "Lowdown", this is 70 minutes of seriously smooth, slap-bass soul and funk with cameos from Chaka Khan, Ursula Rucker, Leon Ware and more. One track, "1975" (Bluey's musical autobiography, featuring a killer horn arrangement by Kevin Robinson), is so moreish I've played it a hundred times in the past week.--Phil Johnson
01. Lowdown (feat Mario Biondi and Chaka Khan)
02. Everything That We Are (feat Luckyiam)
03. 1975
04. Your Sun My Sky
05. Line In The Sand (feat Leon Ware)
06. Gotta (feat Ursula Rucker)
07. Let's Fall In Love Again (feat Christian Urich - Tortured Soul)
08. The Song (feat Chaka Khan)
09. Put A Little Lovin' In Your Heart
10. All of My Life
11. Expresso Madureira
12. Life Ain't Nothing But A Good Thing
13. Make Room For Love
14. Can't Get Enough (feat Mario Biondi)
15. The Winter Of My Springs
16. Tell Me What To Do
Transatlantic RPM
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adam Holzman & Brave New World: Spork (2010)

"I think for what we?re doing - instrumental music or jazz-rock - it?s gotta be live for it to have the exciting edge...Music that is focused on players and soloists is always going to come across better when it has that live feeling on it." A.H.
Adam is simply one of the most innovative musicians alive. He is a perennial poll-winner in the Fusion category for Pulse! magazine's year-end Top Ten listings. "Keyboard" magazine named him one of the top 10 players in the world, "Down Beat" lauded his "killer groove" and compared him to Jan Hammer - and even the "New York Times" and the "Washington Post" have praised Adam's live shows.
The new Brave New World album, "Spork," is now on sale . Adam is thrilled to be working with mixing wizard Jeff Jones, also known as the Jedi Master. Adam worked with Jeff a while back at RVI studios, and Jeff helped record and mix Adam's first solo album, "In A Loud Way." Jeff recently won a Grammy for his production work on Dr. John's new CD, "The City That Care Forgot."
The album, originally intended as a 25 minute EP, will now be a regular length CD. Adam says "we had enough strong material, so what the heck..." The recording approach and the material are very 'old school'; most of the songs were recorded live in the studio, that is, the whole band playing together at the same time, like back-in-the-day! The music is uncompromising, there are no attempts at a 'radio song', just loud, blazing, EPIC slabs of face-melting jazz-rock. Tracking was done at world famous Avatar Studios in New York City, and mixing is proceeding at Jeff Jones' World Alert Studios, also in New York.
01. Big Cheese
02. Spork
03. Steering Wheel committee
04. Equation
05. Orange Lady
06. Tuesday
07. Quarks
08. Polish Soul
Adam Holzman: Keyboards
Aaron Heick: Saxophone
Freddy Cash Jr: Bass
Mitch Stein: Guitar
Abe Fogle: Drums

Monday, July 19, 2010

Dominic Miller: Third World (2004)

Dominic Miller is one of the most sought-after session guitarists of our time. He has been employed by Sting, Level 42, Mark Hollis (Talk Talk), Julia Fordham, Paul Young, The Pretenders, Manu Katche, World Party, Chuck Loeb, Manu Dibango, The Chieftains, Tina Turner, Backstreet Boys, Khadja Nin, Youssou N'Dour, Marc Lavoine, Ronan Keating, Steve Winwood, Sheryl Crow, Peter Gabriel, Rick Wright, Rod Stewart, Luciano Pavarotti and many, more!
1995 saw his personal debut 'First Touch.' 'Second Nature' followed in 1999, and then came 'Shapes,' an album with new interpretations of renowned classical works from composers like Bach, Beethoven, Elgar and Albinoni.
With 'Third World,' Dominic Miller presents his third album in the line of releases featuring his own music--a production of soft tones, in pleasant contrast to the ubiquitous racket of our time and age. Terms like "grace," "amenity" and "sensuousness" come to mind while listening to the gentle play of this guitar virtuoso.
Besides his job in Sting's band, Dominic Miller was the opening act on the 2004 U.S. Sting & Annie Lennox Tour.
1. Always (2:08)
2. Baden (3:34)
3. Forgotten Dream (4:14)
4. Partido Alto (2:59)
5. Baby Steps (3:52)
6. Denver Sun (3:41)
7. Salvador (2:04)
8. Seven Sisters (1:37)
9. Letter Unsent (2:39)
10. March Day (2:34)
11. Devil's Punch Bowl (3:40)
12. Altea (5:58)
Third World
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Salman Gambarov: East or West? (2005)

The pianist and composer Salman Gambarov is one of the most famous and multifaceted jazz musicians in Azerbaijan. With his ensemble “Bakustic Jazz” he has performed at numerous international jazz festivals since 1996. The repertoire of the group is a mixture of everything from post-bop to ethnic jazz, often using traditional Azerbaijani instruments. Many compositions and performances are influenced by the Azerbaijani music tradition. The very title of the album “East or West?” released in 2005, describes Gambarov’s tendency to let western and eastern influences fuse in his music.
1 — Bird (after Azerbaijanian folk song)
2 — In Spring (V. Mustafa-zade)
3 — My Funny Zibeyda (T. Guliyev)
4 — Magic Circle (after Azerbaijanian folk song)
5 — Attack Yalli (after Azerbaijanian folk dance melody)
6 — Rahab (S. Gambarov)
7 — East Or West (S. Gambarov and A. Tagi-zade)
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Alex Malheiros & Banda Utopia ft. Sabrina Malheiros: The Wave (2009)

Azymuth’s celebrated bass player Alex Malheiros returns with this stunning solo project. Full of perfectly crafted authentic jazz ‘The Wave’ features Banda Utopia’s dazzling musicianship, Alex’s gifted daughter Sabrina Malheiros’ lush vocals and IG Culture remix twists. World renowned and a seriously funky bass player, Alex Malheiros is a genuine Brazilian music hero. As part of the legendary electric jazz funk trio Azymuth, Malheiros has established himself as one of the all time great bassists.
Malheiros delivers a stunning performances on double bass, electric bass, acoustic guitar and backing vocals while the flawlessly arranged keys, brass and percussion of Banda Utopia compliment with a flourish. Alex’s daughter and fellow Far Out recording artist Sabrina Malheiros adds her beautiful 21st century nu bossa vocal to give the album a sublime summertime edge while IG Culture’s remixes fit perfectly with the feel-good atmosphere.
Alex Malheiros learnt his trade playing with the master of Brazilian swing Ed Lincoln in the dance halls of 60s Rio de Janeiro. Alex has performed and recorded with the greats of Brazilian music and is a beautiful songwriter with perfect balance of harmony and groove; the archetypal bass player, calm and relaxed whilst all around him is in mayhem. Alex Malheiros is respected in Brazil as one of the original groove masters, having developed a unique sound with his Rickenbacker bass licks. “This is an album that has motivated me to revisit the time when I started playing professionally in the 60s creating contemporary jazz. ‘The Wave’ features cover versions of Bobbi Humphrey track ‘Uno Esta’ and original Alex Malheiros songs. Daniel Maunick, son of the legendary Bluey from Incognito, produced the album having formed a great partnership with the Malheiros family and the result is a funky and chilled out slice of universal jazz. Standout tracks ‘Uno Esta’, ‘The Wave’ and ‘Copa a Noite’ instantly stick in your mind and with its mix of classic jazz and Brazilian vibes ‘The Wave’ is a record to cherish.
1 Serenity 5:59
2 Uno Esta 4:39
3 Vola 5:29
4 Sem Pressa 3:17
5 The Wave 6:26
6 Baixo Partido 5:20
7 4 Eyed Viper 4:58
8 Corpo 5:32
9 Capa A Noite 5:15
10 Solar 5:25
IG Culture Beatz Up Banda Utopia
11 The Wave (IG's Original Twist) 2:57
12 The Wave (The Plan Mix) 3:42
13 Uno Esta (Remix) 6:57
14 Uno Esta (IG Dub) 5:34

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paul Brown & Friends: White Sand (2007)

One of the leading Contemporary Jazz guitarists/producers in the world, Paul Brown makes his stunning debut on Peak Records celebrating his intense musical foundation with an elite group of friends. These `friends" include Al Jarreau, Boney James, Bobby Caldwell, Lina, Euge Groove, Rick Braun, Jeff Lorber, Jesse J and David Benoit. Brown has been creating distinctive, "hummable" tracks for years for other artists and has a keen instinct for knowing what his fans want to hear. On "White Sands", his third album as a solo artist, he has created some immediately identifiable tracks which are destined to be come instant crowd pleasers. A two time Grammy award winner, Brown was also named the "most played" artist in the 2006 year end charts for Radio and Records with his #1 track, "Winelight".
1. White Sand (Jessy J) 4:21
2. The Rhythm Method (Paul Brown) 4:00
3. Makes Me Feel So Good (Paul Brown) 4:06
4. Ol' Skoolin' (Paul Brown) 4:25
5. Mercy, Mercy, Mercy (Paul Brown) 4:18
6. R 'n' B Bump (David Benoit) 4:27
7. I Say A Little Prayer (Paul Brown) 3:37
8. More Or Less Paul (Paul Brown) 4:39
9. For What It's Worth (Paul Brown) 3:36
10. Mr. Cool (Rick Braun) 4:09
White Sand
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Miles Davis: The New Miles Davis Quintet (1955)

The New Miles Davis Quintet is an album recorded on 15 November 1955 by Miles Davis, for Prestige Records. As the name suggests, it was the first to feature his now-famous "first great quintet" ( though in fact they had recorded a session for Columbia Records three weeks earlier, eventually released on the album 'Round About Midnight ). The album is often known as Miles, since that is the only word on the cover. As with the other albums recorded for Prestige the following year, the quintet was playing familiar material in a fairly straightforward manner. Coltrane does not play on "There is No Greater Love". ~ From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Miles Davis - Trumpet
John Coltrane - Tenor saxophone
Philly Joe Jones - drums
Red Garland - Piano
Paul Chambers - Bass
01 Just Squeeze Me Duke Ellington and Lee Gaines 7:25
02 There Is No Greater Love Marty Symes and Isham Jones 5:16
03 How Am I to Know? Dorothy Parker and Jack King 4:37
04 S'posin' Paul Denniker and Andy Razaf 5:12
05 Miles' Theme Miles Davis 5:47
06 Stablemates Benny Golson 5:19
The New Miles Davis Quintet
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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dominic Miller: Second Nature (1999)

Dominic Miller has a variety of experience playing everything from heavy rock to pop to jazz and has played with Phil Collins on his CD "But Seriously", Sting on the CD "Ten Summoner's Tales" and toured for over two years with Karl Wallinger (formerly of Waterboys fame) and his new band World Party.
Second Nature is Miller's second CD following his debut "First Touch". Like "First Touch", this CD is best catergorized as smooth jazz although it does blend some latin and classical styles into the jazz compositions.
While Miller is an accomplished guitarist, having played for 25 years, the disc is not heavily oriented toward his playing. The best track on the disc is the latin flavored "Truco" which was co-written by bassist Pino Palladino. It's hard to find fault with this disc, its a can't miss for smooth jazz fans.
1. Introduction (0:56)
2. Truco (2:52)
3. When I Close My Eyes (4:11)
4. Foi Boa (6:17)
5. If (1:57)
6. Unify (4:27)
7. Rest In Peace (3:28)
8. Lullaby To An Anxious Child (1:33)
9. A Cause (3:20)
10. Quiero Decirte (4:01)
11. In A Whisper (4:30)
12. The Last Song (3:29)
Second Nature
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