Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Adam Holzman & Brave New World: Spork (2010)

"I think for what we?re doing - instrumental music or jazz-rock - it?s gotta be live for it to have the exciting edge...Music that is focused on players and soloists is always going to come across better when it has that live feeling on it." A.H.
Adam is simply one of the most innovative musicians alive. He is a perennial poll-winner in the Fusion category for Pulse! magazine's year-end Top Ten listings. "Keyboard" magazine named him one of the top 10 players in the world, "Down Beat" lauded his "killer groove" and compared him to Jan Hammer - and even the "New York Times" and the "Washington Post" have praised Adam's live shows.
The new Brave New World album, "Spork," is now on sale . Adam is thrilled to be working with mixing wizard Jeff Jones, also known as the Jedi Master. Adam worked with Jeff a while back at RVI studios, and Jeff helped record and mix Adam's first solo album, "In A Loud Way." Jeff recently won a Grammy for his production work on Dr. John's new CD, "The City That Care Forgot."
The album, originally intended as a 25 minute EP, will now be a regular length CD. Adam says "we had enough strong material, so what the heck..." The recording approach and the material are very 'old school'; most of the songs were recorded live in the studio, that is, the whole band playing together at the same time, like back-in-the-day! The music is uncompromising, there are no attempts at a 'radio song', just loud, blazing, EPIC slabs of face-melting jazz-rock. Tracking was done at world famous Avatar Studios in New York City, and mixing is proceeding at Jeff Jones' World Alert Studios, also in New York.
01. Big Cheese
02. Spork
03. Steering Wheel committee
04. Equation
05. Orange Lady
06. Tuesday
07. Quarks
08. Polish Soul
Adam Holzman: Keyboards
Aaron Heick: Saxophone
Freddy Cash Jr: Bass
Mitch Stein: Guitar
Abe Fogle: Drums